22-23 Hornets General Discussion

As much as I dislike a lot of the moves this front office has made, the Miles situation really has set this team back. No getting away from that, and I don’t lay much blame at their door for the lack of acquisitions in the off-season.

However, please, please don’t compound this by paying a borderline starter big money. PJ has the skill-set to be really effective in the modern NBA, but he’s too inconsistent and, like too many on this team, chooses which phases of play he’s willing to put full effort into. I can’t have a Big, on a big contract, who isn’t willing to fight for every defensive rebound he possibly can. There aren’t many non-negotiables, but that is one.


The thing thats weird about Mark Stein’s scoop is… it’s not really breaking news or anything. Yeah, when Miles fucked up, of course we’d rather bring PJ back than him. But there is nothing at this particular point in the season where Mitch would reach out to the press and say, “you know, I really really want to sign PJ so so much right now.” Like, nothing changed from the offseason, there is no new info or spectacular events that changed anything. What can we point to this season for it to have suddenly risen sharply, right now?

Stein probably just has a Hornets quota he has to meet, and this was his story on us for the year.


LOL, I can see Mitch saying that…with not stated context dang i shoud have offerred 4/64 instead of 4/60 million…after rough start 50%,45% 3p now matching his top of league clutch scoring switchy forward PJ is going to get paid.

PJ in 2025 easily see making 20 million…but not next year for Hornets.
But see team paying (every one else who spends over cap) especially if can poison pill along lines of Lin 3 year (5/5/15) and Tyler Johnson (5/5/20/20)…actually expect see a lot more of these.

Again, if the hornets sign PJ to a 20m+ deal I’ll take everyone out for a steak dinner. Fuck PJ at 20m, he’s a low level starter on a bad team. In fact, I’d say that PJ is a high level bench piece on a decent team. That’s all. I don’t like PJ playing extended minutes. Short bursts and streaky.

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I’ve mostly tuned out and will emerge once again as we near the trade deadline, which of course we’ll do nothing. Observations:

-PJ for 12-15m per and not a cent more. Rather just let him walk than give him any money. Personally.
-Sign DJ Smith to a 2-3 year deal to be the third PG. 2/12 or 3/15. Or less.
-trade PJ for anything and re sign Jalen mcdaniels to play bench/fill in starter role.
-trade terry for anything
-no guys, we can’t even give Gordon Hayward away. Forget trying to trade him. No one wants him. We’re stuck.
-Trade Plumlee. I believe we can get a future first for him based on the numbers he’s putting up this season. Good numbers on a bad team is classic fools gold. A 2025/26/27 first would be awesome. Or even multiple seconds we can package together later.
-PLAY MARK WILLIAMS AND LET THE BOY SHOOT (will Ferrell voice from eastbound and down)


I definitely don’t think we should trade Terry for anything. I don’t think we should be giving him away. I do want Plumlee gone…just due to the fact he takes minutes away from the future… unless we are planning on resigning him…. That would be awful.


I’ll start looking at restaurants

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I would appreciate it if the beef were grass fed.




You got it!

This is the song of the charlotte hornet fan. I wish they would play this at all the games in charlotte.

Maybe override the local blackout rules and allow per team streaming. But what do I know?


Or maybe just put Bally on other live tv streaming services. I can’t believe I am paying $20 month to watch the Hornets.

But if they cut the Hornets… what happens? We basically can’t watch games at all?

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Both good ideas, and would make a big difference. I used to have Bally (Fox Sports at the time), our NBA teams were the Hawks and grizzlies. We’re a good 5 hours from Atlanta and 8 hours from Memphis. Charlotte is 3 hours away. I don’t understand how they choose your regional team. That should end and allow users to pick their own teams. People don’t necessarily stay in the same area now, and choose teams for other reasons than being from the there. Sports leagues need to get with the times. We currently have YouTube TV so we don’t have any RSNs. We buy NBA team pass for the Hornets. It’s pretty good, but has limitations, though they did cut the price this year, it can still be expensive for people.

I have YouTube TV as well. I would get league pass, as it is a much better deal for sure…but, I’m in NC… so of course they black out the Hornets games b/c reasons. But it’s no wonder why they don’t have fans outside of Charlotte. They make it nearly impossible to watch the games, unless you really know where to look.

Depending on how I feel tonight, I may end up just canceling, which kind of bums me out. I honestly haven’t been watching full games lately anyway though, as there isn’t much exciting with seeing Mason play 30 minutes a night. A lot depends on the trade deadline if I decide to continue to watch them this season.


The death of Sinclair and Bally Sports can’t come soon enough. The regional rules is the stupidest thing in all of sports, and all of sports has a high quotient for idiocracy.

Every team should be available to watch in their home city. Most people either can’t afford season tickets for the family, or have the time to go to every home game. Seems counterintuitive to building the game and a large local team loyalty if there is no access to teams. I thought maximum exposure and flooding the airwaves was the best way for marketing, not keeping restricted access for those in the right circumstances.

At the least, you should have the option to buy league pass for whatever team you want, and not be blacked out locally. So anything hastening the demise of this fuckery is a win for humankind.


Common sense and wins for the common people are rare things nowadays. Glad to see this media money grab hopefully fall apart.

None of this would’ve happened if Cody Martin was healthy. Or if Mo Bamba was on the team.