3 Things to build on from game 1

Saw lots of positivity today from the game 1 thread. What are your 3 main positives you’d like to see us build on?


  1. Smash Williams is the game altering 5 we’ve always wanted.
  2. Active PJ is a core player, attacking in more ways on offense.
  3. Miller Time is a long rang bomber that we can rely on to make big shots.

1 Clifford working on the rotation . and realize game trends faster.
2 Passing and turnovers STOP the cross court passes . Ball movement
3 Last move the ball inside out more . Meaning Williams sees more touches.
These are all things that can be positive with hard work the team could get good.

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  1. Lamelo has to buckle down and become a true floor general point guard. Stop throwing away possessions

  2. Cliff has to support both Thor and miller in lineups. They can be solid contributors in the right lineups

  3. PJ is really good if he can do it night in and out

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Mark Williams is the huge positive so let’s just feed him more in the paint.