A must need win vs Bulls

I don’t want Plumlee to get hurt but I wish he’d just maybe twist his ankle.

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I don’t wish him unwell, i wish him to another team by Thursday night.

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Why are we getting into our sets 6-8 seconds later than what we were a month ago?

Well we stinkin again

Plumlee comes back 9-0 run. That may have started before he was in the game, but I’m blaming him and JB.


Someone tell me what defense Plumbs is playing out there

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JB’s… JB obviously loves what he’s doing.

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My god…. How are we this bad.

For a team with a generally high IQ, we can play so low IQ at times. And frustratingly for large stints as of late.

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I feel like Mason significantly lowers the IQ of the team. I would like to see more of Nick, Kai, or JT more. I don’t think it can be worse.

We were so much better that half with Richards in instead of Plumlee. Richards looked too good. His punishment? He can play a meaningful minute again next month

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Same. At least it would be exciting seeing them play, instead of a slug in Mason. We are way worse with him in the game. Use Richards and Kai. I’d be happy…. Even if we lose… at least we are building guys up.

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Is JB blind? Does he not see how much better the team was with Plumlee out…. Just role with it damnit.

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Maybe we’re showcasing Mason for a blockbuster trade. Or a Netflix one at least

I’d be so happy if we traded him. I’m so mad we picked him up to begin with. We got worse with him.

Eh, I like that it got us Thor… and he’s not fully guaranteed next season to boot

I didn’t realize that. Must hang into him. I like how long and athletic he is. Guys like that fit well with what we try to do. With that being the case… get Mason off the team.

Edit: do you mean Mason isn’t guaranteed or Thor?

Mason. Only 4m of his contract is guaranteed next season.

Hope that means he won’t be back. But I feel like JB really loves him.

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Doubt he loves him any more than he loved Biz. Just the best of the heap that he’s not been pleased with. Why he likes him more than Richards i don’t get but i really doubt he would lobby hard to keep him.

Might be leaving on Mason more tonight because of the lack of playmaking sans Gordo. But good lord i think so little of his playmaking

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