And with the 19th pick, the Charlotte Hornets select

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Crazy! Mitch is on fire tonight.

He’s our stretch 5 who can certainly play the 4 too. Can’t fault Mitch tonight.

These protections look really solid to me.

That’s complete BS


Still, man we have had a great day!

Yeah, look real good. We are so young, we can go without next year as we could pick 19 or higher

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Something interesting I’ve read this morning is basically no matter where he’s gone the coaches have raved about his crazy worth ethic and desire to improve

I have a soft spot for Uber athletic kids who didn’t grow up playing basketball but chose it later. I like to think they aren’t as entitled nor as injury prone.


Mitch speaks to the media like they’ve never heard of basketball.

Kai Jones shot 75% at the rim last season

Kai Jones’ story is kind of crazy. His first real varsity experience was his senior year in high school, though by then he had already played for the Bahamas’ national team. Seems like he’s done a lot of work on his own to be who he is and has a lot of potential to improve. I was also pretty impressed with his answers here and at the introduction interview. (See his answer to possible ROY.) Just seems to have an unpretentious wisdom. His sincere joy and enthusiasm to be here is infectious.

The more interviews I watch of Kai the more I like him. Seems a really humble, intelligent, enthusiastic and engaging guy.


Wow he’s likeable. "The Dude" knows what he’s doing.

Wow he’s likeable. Mitch Kupchak knows what he’s doing.


Taken 23? Ballsy…

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“Um, yeah… so, there’s another guy in the organization that’s sort of known for 23…”

One of the martins?

Was watching some film on Kai last night… how did he not score more and play more minutes at Texas

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This is only from what college people say, it may be a product of Shaka’s system based on how the other Texas centers do as pros