Borrego Gets A Multi-Year Extension

Looks like he’s the guy for years to come! It’s a good time to be a Hornets fan.

I looked but could not find a Borrego specific thread going back two years so I started this one.


Well done, great days are ahead

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Good for him and glad for us that this isn’t up in the air going into the season.

I am sure I am placing greater value in the who on this congrats and statement itself but I really dig it coming from Kedow.

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Good move in my opinion, he’s built a great culture here and has overachieved every season he’s been here


So glad he won’t have this hanging over his head this year. So glad we have a SYSTEM that is successful. Borrego has improved every year, hopefully this season he reaps the rewards of his hard work.

He has the respect of the whole league, and has gotten the best out of pretty much every player that has been under him, including Kemba.

He is definitely a player maximizer. Great that we gave him the confidence to focus on the job at hand


Good to know we will have some consistency for the next several years.

I think the Hornets view him as a good coach (currently) with lots of upside (only 43). He should continue to get better as he gains experience.