Can we finally beat Philly

Hornets heading on the road after a three game win streak.

Scapegoat Lamelo

Great start! They are locked in right now

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How will we lose the lead this time?

Need to play like we are in a tie game or down instead of up 45 like we normally do with a lead

I want this win badly

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Miles playing angry right now

Not watching. In a good way?

This has to be one of the ugliest offensive games I’ve seen from us

I’ll take the win, great finish by Miles

That was an awesome defensive effort! I’ll take winning ugly if we can do what we have done the last two games. Gordon stepped up big along with Terry and Miles down the stretch.

This team feels like the 93 Hornets - winning some big games and growing up together. If they stay healthy they will be a team no one wants to see in the first round.


Is an interesting comparison especially with the way the city has gotten back behind the team and the Hornets are in the top 15 in attendance for the first time since the 90s

Another solid w!

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How many in a row did we lose to those clowns

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Yeah, we certainly have our concerns, but at this point we’ve also beaten a lot of quality opponents. It’s all about hitting that stride come playoff time.

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I see improvement all most ever game. We have beat some good teams lately.

Hell yeah guys. We are good again.

Thought that was a very interesting game. Going off of impressions as i haven’t seen a stat sheet. Miles was shooting poorly but still found a way to affect the game. I thought Gordon had his best ever Hornets game. It wasn’t his scoring or anything else, it was the way he seemed to take a very hands on mentor role during the game. Saw it with both LaMelo and Miles in the first.

Thought Terry was our distance shooting cheat. On a night it felt we shot in the 20% range from 3, Terry seemed like his shots had the best chances of going in. And I just liked Terry’s leadership on the gritty end of play. I thought LaMelo was also dug in defensively and that helped a ton.

I was worried some of you got your wish in seeing us continue to take quick 3s and otherwise hurried shots down the stretch. Felt like JB finally had it around 3 mins to go. I was relieved as it seemed we got much better shots after that TO.

Great win, great streak between MIL and this, now let’s keep our focus with ORL coming to town.

Oh, and can we talk about the free throw delta? How was it possible that every breath on defense was a foul for us and I don’t know that we got to the line ourselves other than an and-1 and Cody’s 3

The starters were really good last night. Oubre being out has increased minutes for some of the guys. Hopefully against Orlando we can get Bouknight in the rotation some at least. You would like to think giving him 10 minutes a game right now would be okay where we don’t completely fall apart against some of these lower tiered opponents.

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Holy shit. We did it. When was the last time we beat Philly? I know 16 games but what year?

Wow guys, don’t look now but three in a row. Bucks bucks sixers.