Draft Party? 15ch

Chat happening? Fireworks display? Open bar? Toto cover band? Valet parking? Dale Jr. guest appearance?

Hornets Planet meet up at Selwyn’s. I’ll buy all drinks if it’s Melo.

On this end, I tried unsuccessfully getting the site integrated with Slack so we could have an on the fly chat if wanted. My first stab didn’t work. I will look at that (or Mattermost integration) again later when I have some vacation time in December.

I’m inclined to just create a draft thread day-of like we did with the old board and roll like that. TBH I am thinking the new board works interactively enough that it’s not bad as-is sans chat mode.

Interested in your thoughts

Thread is totally fine. Thanks so much for your work on this project!

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Didn’t realize the irony at the time. Intended or pure coincidence?

Thread is fine to me.

Thought lottery night went well and we had a thread going instead of a chat

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Hahahah, pure coincidence