Equal strength in OKC

Must say, I’m so stoked to see Jalen in the starting lineup.

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Looks like we’re going to have to grit this one out in ugly fashion if we’re to get the W tonight. Guys look a bit flat. OKC is annoyingly scrappy despite being shorthanded.

PJ finishes the half on the pine.

Hopefully we can win this winnable game. We will get blown out our next game.

Glad to see we’re winning the pillow fight of the season. Good showing for mcdaniels

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Pokucevski’s game has progressed like 10 seasons this season. This dude was one of the worst NBA players I have ever seen the first 20 games of the year, WOW has he ever looked better after the G League bubble

PJ with the missed put back. The way he plays sometimes, he looks like someone playing basketball while high. Just kind of going through the motions, clumsy, a step behind, and out of sync.

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Agree 100% and have thought the same

McDaniels showed a lot of promise tonight. Hope he can put a few games together. I think he will produce with minutes.

Good game for McDaniels. Hope he can sustain his play in the next games. We need all the contribution we can get.

I hope so! We saw this flash at the end of last year and all hoped he would morph into a guy getting quality time in the rotation. Hope he can keep it rolling

Lots of things to like here.

Jalen mcdaniels starting and playing 30+ minutes.

Both Martins playing an appropriate amount of minutes, allowing more talented players to see developmental court time…mcdaniels. I want them playing no more than 10 minutes or so. Someone called them a “Swiss army knife”, well sure…kind of. Whatever a cheap, knockoff Swiss Army knife brand is.

No biyombo minutes

PJ playing center minutes and starting at center

Zeller flashing well on the pick and roll, and looks to be back to his good hustle form.

After knocking off a lousy start, wannamaker looked reliable and made some good passes near the basket.

Take it all with a grain of salt against a league worst OKC team without Shai. But a win is a win. Oh, and ATL lost. So somehow this team is still in 4th and now 3-2 on a road trip. Waiting for the wheels to fall off. But maybe they don’t??

With injuries on both, good beat of bad OKC team. Devonte and Mile continue playing great and carry team.

got a bigs key come thru for couple games…with a healthy Zeller, last year end of season Jalen replace this years 240 minutes fire dumpstering. Good Jalen no see bad Bis! PJ rollercoaster still on… first 18 games 43/29% 3p, 2nd 18 49/53, 9 since Ball hurt, 30%/23% 3p. Bench? unlikely. yes +/- per 100 at -.1, but with miles at SF, #2 behind a healthy Zeller. Can At least get to post all star break fall back to career Terry, .411/34%.

9-6 after all star break and after bucks last big road trip…14 of 21 last games at home…with all thats happened last couple weeks, at least end of season schedule favorable and will have fans at those home games now.