Game 3 OKC Rhyming Spree

Aggressive PJ = good PJ.

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Very pretty layup BM!

It’s very refreshing to have some skilled dominant bigs.

PJ looking like a steal on that MLE deal early


Rewind it Cliff = good Cliff.

PJ continuing his OKC dominance is fun to see. Glad I sold my tickets though with OKC holding out their main guys.

If anyone is ever interested in lower level seats for a game shoot me a message, I have 2.


RJ Hunter looks like he dominates Thursday nights at the Y.

We won a preseason game! Yeah!


Just barely lol!

This is one of the worst benches I can remember.


Bryce Mcgowens getting hurt sucks but it didn’t look too serious. But Nick Smith Jr might be just as good already. McGowens looks like a guy who’s coasting because he got a bag in my honest opinion.


How did NSJr look? Is he playing PG?

It’s made worse by the hockey-style shift changes

Did Thor grow over the summer? He looks bigger/taller this year.

He definitely looks stronger.

Combo guard, he brought it up a couple of times but he was more of the 2 guard when he was in there. Hit a few jumpers and played decent defensively. I think he can be like Jordan Crawford off the bench early in his career. He’s a bucket getter in ISO situations. We’ve needed that forever.


F JT Thor look stronger & better. Liked Jalen, disappointed traded.

But after some really bad play, 26 games post Jalen came on strong. Last 14 24 minutes, 46% FG, 41%.

No creator & scorer like F Hayward & F Miles, but can find a role in a frontcourt rotation.

Healthy Wing Cody, improved F JT, & C Nick could have provided a good 3rd tier depth options to a 2nd tier/starter group…
.,.that top 8 playoff rotation if ever get back to playoffs…
…except Miles is a felon, Gordon always injured, and have no competent backup guard.

That was my thinking/worry too. Not sure how else to explain his, frankly, woeful Summer League performances and poor showings thus far in preseason.

To think, I was worried that Bryce would be squeezed out of the rotation, when all our wings were healthy … well, we’re not healthy and Bryce has not shown anything to suggest he deserves minutes.

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