Game 52: Grizzlies at Hornets

That was so visually different to see how much more organized we could look with Mann and Micic running the offense. And the balance of scoring was something I forgot teams do sometimes


Just finished watching the game. I know it was Memphis, but that was fun and we’ve not been able to say that lately! what a different feel to the game.

I really liked what I saw from Micic. Mann as well, but micic had some really slick passes.

Euro league MVP to NBA MVP

Important to temper my enthusiasm and expectations going forward, recognizing that we just beat the only other team with worse injury luck than us. But it’s great to see a bench that actually belongs in an NBA game.

It only makes perfect sense to choose OKC as a trade partner. You can’t help but come away with a gem or two trading with them.

For the first time, in I don’t know how long, my thoughts went to … ‘who’s Cliff going to leave out when(if) LaMelo’s fit?’ We actually have three PGs. It’s the only rotational quality, three deep position on the roster.

That was so fun to watch. We now have actual NBA talent on the bench. For too long, guys who I don’t think belong in the league were getting actual rotation minutes. Now there’s the ability to have at least competent NBA rotation level talent on the floor at all times.


The Hive was alive last night! Looking forward to seeing how they look Monday night vs. a potential playoff team in Indiana.


Our team with the new guys hadn’t even practiced together yet!

Hopefully cliff doesn’t “coach them up” too much


Just wait until they learn some killer in bounds plays!