Game 53: Pacers at Hornets

What’s been interesting in both these games is that we haven’t had to be perfect. Nor have we had to rely on one or two guys going nuclear. Must be how the rest of the nba lives. Kinda cool


That was pretty okay.

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Considering the players are still getting to know each other, most evident on failed rotations on D, it’s going really well. The ball is being moved, everyone is getting an opportunity to shoot/score and, as @Eastly said, we no longer need a 30 point scorer to go off to get over 110 points. There’s a lot to like, and I already hope we bring Seth back as our 5th/6th Guard next season. LaMelo, Micic, Mann, ?SG?, NSJ, Curry would be a nice Guard group.

As long as cliff keeps running Cody Martin at point forward, that serves as evidence a, b, c and d for reasons he shouldn’t be head coach.

Cody gets most of the credit for gumming up haliburton. But cliff just can’t recognize when he is using players way outside their strengths. Cody is a very good asset that is being used incorrectly on offense almost all the time.


Yep :100:. He salvaged his night because he made shots he doesn’t normally make. Some 24 second clock expiring shots went down for him. Happy for him, but I’d rather see him play around 18 minutes an evening. Come into the game and be a try hard, high motor guy who can do several things well enough.

I missed Saturday’s game, but got to take a look at the new guys. Are we…are we allowed to have fun? Did the basketball gods get tired of torturing us and take a nap?

One weird feeling came over me at the end of the game… I actually was not afraid they were going to lose the lead. I don’t know where the confidence came from, maybe from watching competence and basketball IQ on display finally, but I felt that they actually had control for once and wouldn’t gift it back. To not suffer at the end of games is life, I want more.

Another cool thing - hearing Lets Go Hornets chants loud and proud throughout the arena! We got to do like the Celtics, Heat, and Knicks always get to do at Spectrum, now’s our turn to finally get to close a game like that. And seeing Grant motion the crowd to get louder when they were giving an ovation at the end? Culture setter.

I remember a couple weeks ago the discussion about Cliff’s defense, and how our roster was like trying to get 7 year olds to play defense, or like trying to teach a tiger to be vegan. Crazy what happens when you replace young space cadets with actual bball IQ and defensive awareness, and fight, and aggressiveness, and teamwork, and communication… Holding the leagues best offense to 22 points below their scorching average.

Still don’t know whats wrong with Nick and his goal tends. He gets 2 every game and looks dumbfounded every time. If you’re too late, stop hitting the damn ball. Points are at a premium, we can’t give up 4-6 points every game.

But great game, happy for the hometown kids, the vibe seems to have completely changed.


After the trade overhaul I’ve been wanting to see for two years and the great performance on Saturday night, I finally got the motivation to drive to Charlotte for a game.

I’m so glad I did. The atmosphere was different and there were so many moments throughout that game that gave me pause with the thought, “uh oh, is this where the bottom falls out?”. Nope. The team responded every time.

The Curry shots got the fans HYPED. brandon miller‘s steadying mid range game in the 4th. Micic paralyzing his defender with his eyes to get the easy layup to seal the game. Oh, and grant Williams seems to bring a great presence. He chirps a lot and isn’t afraid of anyone.

Oh, and here’s a picture of Cliff grinning after the game.


Must be photoshop.