GM for the off season

I’ll start off by saying everyone has their on way off thinking about how to build this powerhouse so no one will be right and no one will be wrong.

Pacers GM picks up the phone: What you got Hornets?
I’ve got a hometown favorite that can help you with seats in the stands, help you with your backup center position and can give you some cap flexibility. Cody Zeller for Myles Turner.

Pacers GM: Interesting but I’ve got a better offer. Can you give me something else?
Tibs coached Rozier in Beantown lets see if he can use him in NY.

Tibs on the phone: Sure can take what you need.

Pacers GM: I’ll do it if you take Lamb and give me some more cap relief next year.

Zeller and Taj Gibson to Indy
Lamb, Turner and Dennis Smith Jr to Charlotte
Rozier to NY

Dario Saric come play with us. We can give you playing time and 3yr/36mil deal.

Dario Saric on the phone: That’s 2 mil more than what I was already making and playing time on a young team. Where do I sign.

Vlade Divac this MJ what can I give you to get Buddy Heild from you?
Well MJ we are cap struck and we want to resign Bogdonavic. Bagley and Fox want new contracts. I need something to keep my job so this years pick top 3 protected, some cap relief and a sg.

MJ: Which sg do you have interest in?
VD: A Monk reunion with Fox might revive his career but the off court issues might be my downfall.
MJ: Well I got some fresh Lamb?
VD: That works and I can resign everyone and still have some cap.

Josh Jackson 3yr/36mil. I’ll take it

Graham, DSmith Jr, Martin
Buddy H, Monk, Martin
Bridges, Jackson
PJ, Dario, FA
Turner, Hernagomez, FA

Maybe even try and get Jacob Poetl from the Spurs to backup Turner.

Anyone got a feel if there’s a possible move here?

Or here?

At this point, I think balls dad has moved on to using…err…focusing on the other brother. Ball’s fame star has extinguished and he may be someone to bring in. See if you can somehow spark the Jason Kidd in him.

Until Papa Ball hears MJ signed his son and everything that happens becomes a show again.

We’ve already seen him go after MJ in the past.

And there’s no way I’d bring in a guy who still has that broken of a jump shot

“MJ picked Lonzo, he knows Lonzo is going to be the Greatest of All Time”

I’d take Hield all day to be our 2 guard. This is the type move I think we need to make along with Cody Zeller and cap space for Myles Turner or either Batum for Drummond straight up swap.

Unfortunately, with Vlade stepping down and some changes in Chicago, I don’t think either team is going to blow up core pieces this off-season.

Vlade, no Vlade, Kings are still gonna King. If a dumb move is ever to made, the usual suspects of Kings/Knicks/Hornets should be in the rotation somewhere.

Not sure how far they are looking to jump but interesting if they are a trade candidate to collect assets and still get a top 10 talent in the draft of we don’t love what’s at 3.

I know alot of people are thinking we could fleece the Knicks but I’m almost sure a trade package from them would look like Mitchell Robinson, Dal 2021 and 8th pick for our third. Still a tempting offer imo but not the fleece many of you expect

If Mitch has too many concerns on all the lottery talent perhaps he could go in this direction. Assuming Detroit likes a player at our pick how about #3 for #7 and Luke Kennard. Detroit was shopping Luke at the trade deadline and with Monk entering his final year on contract it gives the Hornets some options as to how to manage the sg position going forward.
Then offer up #7 and Biz’s expiring to the Pacers for Myles Turner. Myles will give them the rim protector with an outside shot that the Hornets desperately need.

Depth chart with players ages in ( )

Devonte (25) / Rozier (26) / Kobi (23)
Kennard (24) / Monk (22) / Batum
Miles (22) / The Twins (24)
PJ (22) / McDaniels (22) / FA or #32
Myles Turner (24) / Zeller / FA or #32

You cannot trade Biz’ contract - it’s expired by the time the window opens. I also see no reason to acquire Kennard for contract reasons, it’s the same contract and expiration as Monk’s so it’s a 1:1 and you’re selling Monk at a low due to the uncertainty following his suspension.

The Hornets might be interested in Lonzo according to Jason Mcintyre