Hawks game 2/13

Leading at halftime. Making threes and Gordon Hayward is playing basketball-21 points and halftime.

Okay gordon, you’ve been healthy for two straight weeks now or so. We get it, that’s a personal record. Time to sit out for a while.

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Have I mentioned I HATE the blackout rules? Playing well through 3. Gonna get a win?

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Here we go.

With the 6th pick, the hornets select…

It doesn’t matter what his name is!


They look competent tonight. I heard on WFNZ we are last in the league in a ton of categories offensively.

It’s a bad mix when you can’t play defense and you can’t score. Lol


10 mins is enough time to lose, no worries :slight_smile:
I might be biased, but healthy Lamelo is a stud, and I am glad Plumlee is gone, Lamelo looks more free (at least knowing his passes won’t be wasted).

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I’m ok with blasting the Hawks, cause eff Trae’s entitled, flopping, hairy lollipop looking ass and the horse he rode in on.

Plus Lamelo is killing the human troll doll, 30 and 11 assists so far, and continuing to develop that killer instinct for next year.

Gordon upping his trade value for the offseason. DSJ being a pest is nice to have.

If we can’t lose the next 22 games, let all the ones with the Hawks and Heat be victories.


Hornets Law is working hard…


Holy shit Mark Williams!

We won a season series, ain’t that some shit? Lol

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144 points. Helps that we shot 63% from the floor, but wow!

I had the broadcast going in the background, they just showed Mark Williams mic’d up highlights…

He might become my favorite dookie alum. Really personable, great communicator, plays with joy. Gets guys hyped up. On that last block, the way he was able to gather the tip and handle the ball in the open court, then finishing with a Euro step bucket… just trying to imagine Biz, or Frank, or Nazr, or Jahidi White do something like that.

We got ourselves a gem. I’m not acknowledging Duren’s 30 and 17 game last week. Mark has a chance to be really special when he develops further.

Thank god mark Williams didn’t get minutes to start the season. It would be a real shame to develop young talent.


You don’t think Jason Maxiel could have done the same?

Deep /s for anyone that might be wondering lol.

Personally thought that was one of the best sequences of the year.


I think Mark Williams going to the g-league was good for him to build some confidence. But I do think we should’ve been giving him starter level minutes since around late December


Also great game from Melo 30 and 15

Cliff’s little hop around the 5 second mark is pretty adorable. I like cliff as much as I don’t like cliff. I wish there was some way for him to stick around as a senior advisor for the team. Not even an assistant. I believe he has a great mind and who is of value to a team, just not in a head coach capacity.

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Good defense and great footwork in that mark Williams clip above. So many bigs who get pulled into those switch scenarios get shook because they’re so flat footed and stand straight up. You see mark get set right after the switch. Him getting low into his stance prevents the full blow by and he practically baits Trae into shooting. “I dare you to shoot it!”

Although, I would’ve liked to have seen the full possession a few seconds prior to that point.

I believe we all had some concern about how good of a switch defender mark would be versus a drop style big.

THIS is the best series of the season for mark that I can recall. If-and that’s a BIG if-mark Williams can be this guy…and develop an outside stroke…he could be a Myles Turner prototype.

Maybe not running the offense thru Mason Plumlee isn’t such a bad idea after all.

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Aww, little Maxy waxy is like the corgi of centers. Trying to imagine those tiny little legs churning after the ball and doing a baby euro step. A gyro step.

And how could I forget trying to imagine Bobcat legend Primoz Brezec attempting to pull this off, then punching the mascot on his way back to the bench

Maybe in your true quest for Mo Bamba, we never realized there was actually a Mo Bamba inside our team all along.