Hornets at Pacers

I have no issue with losing tonight, in fact I’m fine with getting a shot at the lottery… but losing like THIS!!! On national TV. with playoffs on the line. A complete embarrassment. Pacers playing without several key players and still beat us down like this. No words. Just embarrassing.


To be blunt, “This is just a bad game” is a lazy take. This isn’t a “bad game”. This is an absolute destruction, ass kicking handed out from a short handed Pacers team. It’s a mockery and embarrassment on a national stage. We look like a fucking joke.

The effort is piss poor and inexcusable. And no, do not lump me in with the “fire JB and trade PJ and everyone away!” crowd either.

Injuries aside, this game and how the team closed out the year over the final weeks was piss poor. And I hope the “well it’s because of some injuries” isn’t used as an excuse to maintain the status quo over the offseason into next year.

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I just would to state on the record that I am not part of the trade really anyone crowd, but I would love to figure out a way to get a guy that can rebound, protect the rim, and catch the ball and finish quickly.

I post here for fun. I’m all about lazy takes.

We played MUCH harder against NY and WASH better teams in my opinion. Makes no damn sense.


We just floundered under pressure in the last 6 games. All of those 6 were all games the meant something and team just couldn’t get over the hump. Part of it are injuries, part of it,maybe, the inexperience of our team overall in those type of situations.

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We played harder when everyone was hurt. I actually respected us putting in the effort.

I don’t think anyone has dismissed this as one bad game. We haven’t played well for several weeks and that has been the topic of much conversation. And no, the injuries don’t excuse all of that, but to deny that injuries were a significant factor in us falling from 4th place to 10th is to ignore the obvious. We haven’t had our team anywhere close to full strength since the all-star break and that does matter.

We saw significant development from several players this season, including Rozier, Bridges, Monk, Ball, McDaniels, and yes, even PJ. Devonte remained impactful all while adjusting to a vastly different role. And when healthy, the addition of Hayward along with the maturation of some younger guys had us well positioned for a playoff run. But the injuries became too much to withstand and our young guys couldn’t answer the bell when the pressure of the last handful of games was upon us.

No question, there is still improvement that needs to happen. We obviously need an upgrade at center. We HAVE to rebound and defend better collectively. But as ugly as tonight was, we saw a lot to be excited about this season. So while disappointing, one horrendous game and a lackluster final couple weeks of the season doesn’t change that for me.


LaMelo 4/14, Rozier 0/9 from 3, Devonte 1/7. Yeah I’d be bummed to. LaMelo’s return didn’t start a fire and the team, except for Bridges, just looked exhausted. I don’t know what happened internally, but these guys as a group completely lost faith in themselves over the last couple weeks. Just two nights ago they gave up a 16 point lead in the fourth quarter to a lousy Wizards team.

I bet they’re happy to be done. They sure played like it.

LaMelo just hasn’t been good post injury, Rozier lost his shot, and coach put too much faith in Graham.


I will gladly put it out there that I want PJ traded. His lack of effort is inexcusable. And this isn’t a reactive, recency bias thing. It’s been going on and he killed us these last two to four games when it mattered most. And if we’re gonna pretend like he didn’t come into the season out of shape and that isn’t indicative of his approach to being a professional basketball player, then we have nothing to discuss.

Also, I don’t know that firing JB matters because I don’t know that there is a guaranteed upgrade out there available, but I’m done with him. Great developer of talent, but he is average to below average in managing the players day to day and in in-game situations. We didn’t show up because there is no accountability. Anyone from this board could’ve went out and “coached” that team tonight. That was pathetic.

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Tough way to end the season but I look forward to next season. The injuries took their toll our our team as well as losing some tough fought games late in the season. If we can be mostly healthy next season and we make a few necessary changes to the team, I think we will will make the playoffs and avoid the play in. We also will most likely compete much better in next seasons playoffs.

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PJ looked like hot garbage for the most part until a month or so ago when he turned it up. There were a few good games interspersed in there, but PJ largely looked like a space cadet and slow moving. He had a horrible first few months of the season.

I got flamed for having “hot takes” opinions about players and PJ so being horrible in another thread, but what we saw tonight is what I’ve been seeing and commenting on all season.

I’m not saying trade and abandon ship, but I also don’t get warm fuzzies about calling PJ a core member of this young, developing team either.

One thing that bugs me about PJ is how often the tv camera catches him laughing with opposing players. Happened again tonite early when we were already down 10. He’s on court laughing about something with a Pacers guy. Its a freaking playoff game and you’re getting your ass kicked.

I’ve seen it many times and find it unsettling.

The team seamed to quit back when Melo got hurt. Tonight i saw Bridges blaming Graham and PJ during the game . The announcer’s said at one point we were playing hero ball. Read that Hayward is pissed off at things going on no one thing was said why except he should have been back with team . Internal problems with in the team seam to be going on to me . We played way better team ball early in the season . Ball after the wrist never look right to me . Terry looked like he had nothing left the last few games . Graham off the bench dont look nearly as good .Bridges looks frustrated .Last i worry about PJs consistent effort. Just a lot of flags to figure out .

Well, everything is good when you’re winning. The sky is falling when you are losing. I think Indiana’s situation a couple of weeks ago is a perfect illustration of this. I think I’ll feel more comfortable that the players are mad, because that seems that they really do care about the team and about winning to hold each other accountable.

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A lot of that is inexperience and him being so raw. People are forgetting that he was projected to be a project for 3-4 years. I’d wait until year 3 to see what we got in him before considering trading. That’s dumb!

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Another thing people need to consider is the impact of the injuries on team chemistry. A young team like ours can’t just turn it back on in two games. For this reason, I think it’s a huge mistake to judge the team based on the recent string of losses. We need to face the fact that there are no short cuts in building a team. Every team–that builds through the draft–has to go through growing pains. We’re no exception.

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Experience. Every single team with the same degree of inexperience is in the same position or worst as we are. Memphis is a 9th/10th seed play-in team like us (except their franchise pg has a year under his belt now); the Pelicans, Timberwolves, etc. are all in the lottery. Experience is just as important as talent.

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lol, yes 2nd year Miles worse than PJ, and got all our fun disappointment trade talk

With our depth at PF position, PJ was the future last year, this year its Miles…and Jalen in that mix too, no surprise if one moved to balance roster, but feel confident FO and Mitch not getting low balled…no panic sell like one avoided for Miles last year…heck Monk last couple years…thats for us fans.

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