Hornets at Pistons, Harrell’s Debut

We had fun too Trez!

I know Detroit isn’t a good team, but that energy is who he is. And he’s going to bring that every night no matter the opponent. This was exactly what we needed.


Yea, Trez will bring it every night. The more I’ve thought about this trade, the more I like it. Looking forward to seeing plenty of double doubles. I love his attitude.

I think he’ll be a good mentor for our young bigs while he’s here and a strong presence on our roster. And, if he enjoys himself, maybe we resign him as our 6th/7th man? Well worth the cost and nice to get a taste for what he might bring us.

I’m not down on Plumblee. I think he has some benefit.

However, there is a clubhouse vibe to our squad that he doesn’t seem to fit, and I’m wondering if from a chemistry perspective we could swap similar talent and make gains. But I have no real idea how everyone connects; just observing from what things look like on the court.

Trez is a notable example of having that “vibe” that our team identity is sort of based around: fun, energetic chaos. I think we need more people that can embrace that and feed off that energy.


Great team energy. Love what Trez brings, especially the PnR. Having a threat to score opens up so many options. Look forward to tonight’s game against a much better opponent to see where they are.

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I have been down on Plumlee at times this year, but I thought even he was playing with a heightened level of energy last night. Maybe that was a function of Harrell’s energy being contagious or perhaps he was motivated by healthy competition. Or maybe it was just my imagination.

In any event, I think this acquisition allows Plumlee to assume a more secondary role, which is more fitting for his skill set. I think he trends much more towards asset than detriment when he’s allowed to function in that role.

What did you think about him wanting to be our PG every play and assist hunt to a fault?

Well, the first thing I’d say is that I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

Secondly, I think having a big who is an above average ball handler and adept passer is generally not a bad thing.

Look, I am by no means a Plumlee apologist. He has frustrated me more than he’s excited me this season. So I think we are probably more in agreement than not as it relates to him. I do believe though that if allowed to assume a more appropriate role as a back up, which should be possible with the arrival of Harrell, he can be a solid rotation piece.

I will say however, that the one area of concern for me is that Richards will get squeezed out altogether, which I don’t think would be great for his continued development.


I don’t think it was your imagination, I felt that too. I wondered if it was a bit that he was going to be measured against a different foil now with Harrell and that had him more in do the simple stuff well (or better) mode. He didn’t seem - as much - to be overcomplicating things and when he did put it on the floor, he seemed determined.

It also could be that the energy just stayed at a high rate the entire game so there was no time to fall back from it. I think we’ll see more tonight against a much more competent and energized team.

On this, I am not sure I agree that Trez will be a starter. I thought he had been an energy guy off the bench for his career. If that is right, then I don’t see it changing with us; especially if that’s where he feels he can do the most good. And as is often the case, who starts matters far less than who finishes.

Just hope Trez shakes the FT woes from last night, I thought he was a much better FTer than that. If not, that would be unfortunate to limit both center options at end of games due to that liability.

I’m with you re starter vs back up. Trez may well continue to come off the bench, but my thought/hope is that just by Harrell’s mere presence, Plumlee’s role will become more secondary by default, whether he’s in the first 5 or not.

And agreed on the FT shooting. Last night was alarming enough to make me check and I was reassured by the fact that he’s been >70% the past several seasons. Hopefully last night was just an unfortunate one off.

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I agree he played with energy last night. Seemed like everybody was pretty pumped. And agree he’s generally a net positive. I’m just thinking there may be better fit to be had for similar value.

Attending a Hornets game for the first time in a few years tonight. Does it take a long time to get into the arena? I heard that was an issue at the beginning of the year.