Hornets at Tampa Bay, part 2 - 01.16.21

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Gordon is on fire tonight

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To only be down 2 the way they couldn’t miss from 3 is good. Surely they can’t stay that hot the entire game


Devonte making it interesting from 29.

Toronto had to go insane from 3 on both nights to beat us by 3 each time. We’ll be fine but screw them. As usual, a team has their best shooting of the season against us.

Hornets Law.


Didn’t watch game, but starters look like they’re on track with shooting. Devonte looked ok last couple of games, so that’s promising.

:frowning_face: twenty characters…

We’re very close. Love the potential once Cody is back.

Tough to win with the role biz has to play.

I loathe the style Toronto plays.

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Tough loss at the end there.

Last thought here - Norman Powell went 6-9 from 3 off the bench. Good grief.

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