Hornets Preseason Game 4 versus Orlando

Gametime 7:00

Not sure if this is going to be like at NFL preseason G4 and we’ll play the guys about to be cut or we play this like a dry rehearsal.

Screw Cole… guy is trash

“People have been talking about us, we’ve been in the same class, they’ve been talking about us playing for years now,” Anthony explained. “I’m just happy I finally got to match up with him. We weren’t the two headliners coming in, but it was fun to be able to get out there (and compete).”

Uh Ball is a headliner dumbass…

I hope we continue to try and get better. Playing the line ups we can use in the regular season.
Asking this hear . Are you guys having a fantasy league this year?

Cole Anthony is small defensively but he really impressed me the other night

I am up for it Doug, who set it up last year?

Ugly start, especially on D.

Something ain’t right with PJ. He is off and out of sync

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A basketball game suddenly bubbling.

One thing’s for sure: we can score in bunches when we want to.23-4 in the first 5 minutes of the 4th.

Wasn’t watching game. Did we have a 3 in the final two minutes that was taken away?

Score showed 120 and then went back to 117.

PJ has been off defensively since game 1. Hope it’s just too much on his plate atm and they’ll change the workload.

Nah they probably added a Magic 3 to our score by mistake

The Classic Clifford game. Get a 20 point lead, then allow a bunch of 3 pointers so the other team can come back. Don’t miss that at all.

But the full choke didn’t happen cause JB wanted to let the G-league guys get a chance to play.

@QC_Thundercats I was kinda happy he put in the 4th string there. It was a demonstrative IDGAF if we win or not, we already saw what we wanted to climbing back in.