If you can't take (on) the Heat, get out of the playoffs

Last time we shall meet this season… or will it be?

Interesting, the step up

This game is by all intents and purposes a playoff game. This should tell us a lot.

Ugh, just got home, hit play on the DVR and Bally Sportsouth on Spectrum is not showing the game…

I am listening on the radio. So far not so good.

The Spectrum app is working, the cable box is still showing the wrong stuff. Please ping ask_spectrum and let them know, the more the merrier

With the quick scoring burst to end the half hopefully we ride that momentum to a victory.

Seems we are going to have to compete against the refs as well.

For this team to compete with top teams in the East, going to have to get a competent 5.

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Tonight is a strong statement to how much our utilization of Biz and Cody won’t continue into 2021-22.

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Was actually at the game - they treated it like a de facto playoff game. Rally towels and all. The bad thing was the Hornets defense treated it like preseason, lol.

We aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs unless we just shoot the hell out of the ball - our center situation is just bad like others have said. Cody Zeller got punked super bad by damn Dwayne Dedmon on a rebound I had to leave early. Lol

Lamelo and Malik getting their feet back under them though for these last 8 was good to see although Melo had a couple bad turnovers being too greedy. We’ll be in this play-in thing so we might as well try to win this sucker.

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Ball coach…I could not have said anything better…



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I didn’t mind the bad TOs I saw from Ball. Like you said, this is reaclimation time. If it’s still the case Tuesday, then I’m concerned.

I am at the point however of realizing that we’re in a bad place for any post season play for that weakness at the 5. I had convinced myself that the right match up and will be so funky with the small ball lineup that it will self correct but I am thinking we’re really screwed unless we get Toronto playoff Biz or 3-year ago Cody.

Weirdly, I had thought as recent as March that we replace that senior vet min-ish spot of Biz with Cody this off season and move ahead. Now, I’m not sure either make JB’s roster. And I can’t blame him.