In season tournament

“Welcome back to the halftime debacle with Kendrick Perkins”

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It’s meant to be something that across the league, the minute you see it, you know it’s an IST game. For that, it works for me. I don’t have much opinion about if it’s aestheticly pleasing, they will work on that over the next few years I would bet.

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Oh, I definitely understand what it’s meant to be when I see it. The court has made it loud and clear lol.

I’m still not sold on the concept in general. There’s only one tournament that matters and that’s the playoffs. Even if they are able to incentivize the players with the possibility of some extra cash, that doesn’t do anything for me as a fan. No matter how you dress it up, it’s still just a regular season game.


For me, it’s like watching Boise St on their blue field or the team with the red field. I just can’t do it.

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The idea that you are somehow going to capture a casual “finals” fan is laughable. Especially in the middle of football season.

I think the whole thing smells like desperation and am not buying it, but if they insisted they should do it the three weeks between the conference championships in college football and Christmas. Have it culminate Dec 22-27th with a full slate 12/25

The teams did seem to play harder yesterday I will say. Some of the courts are tough to watch on tv like the Bulls. Wayyyy too much red

I have less of an issue with the in season tournament. The formatting and details are well thought out and incentivized for teams, players, and coaches. It’ll take a while to work out the kinks and find the best way to implement it over time. Zach Lowe had a great podcast with one of the guys that helped create this tournament.

Logically, I understand why they’re putting at the start of the season-to help counter football season and build fan viewership early on in the year. As oct-December basketball viewership has always been an afterthought compared to football. Don’t love the timing though, even though I understand why they’re doing it.

Give it time. And dial down the brightness of the courts a little. Some of them are a 9/10 or 10/10 brightness. A 6-7/10 brightness would get the point across.

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Considering this is the only playoff/tournament the Hornets are likely to see, I’m pretty stoked. Okay, no I’m not.

Those court designs; oh my, who approved that? They’re certainly interesting in a bad art or ugly building sort of way.