James Bouknight Surgery

James Bouknight successful surgery Wednesday, reevaluated in 4 weeks.

IMO very Possible never was going to make it NBA…but believed here injuries & off court problems reasons.

Cannot fathom team paying 6 million club option next year, any possible opportunity to show cause in lame duck contract year in jeopardy.

In addition to Kai, and now Bouknight this year IMO.
All of remaining one year contracts listed on roster are likely not here next year anyhow.

A lot of money and talent involved, but reiterate are all final year contracts long term keeping questionable anyhow.

SG Bouknight…project a bust but do like NSJ, McGowan, & Bailey-2way. Still need a veteran guard replace roster spot.

C Kai…bust, lose future lottery protected first add to pain. Playing time limited anyhow.
Have C Mark Williams, C Nick Richards, small ball C PJ…replace with Biz short term while waiting/development a future roster spot.

PG Frank…lack talent. Never fan, sign better Theo & Sumner/other PG to two way

F Hayward…no availability performed strong when heathy, never finished season.
F Miles…no intelligence & morality.

Not a personal favorite, but
extend F JT Thor. F Miller depend on sooner than later.

Like at SG, add forward ASAP, may not be able to fill until free agency next year.

Still feel a healthy better than 27 wins last year and greater than 31.5, 35 wins not unrealistic IMO.


Agree with your take. There’s no chance we pick up his option now, even though none of us would have done so anyway.

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