Magic Number Thread

61 games played. 21 left.

Somebody check the math, but it appears the magic number to secure top 4 lotto is 14 losses, with Magic having 7 more wins than us and having beaten us 3 times this year.

Is that right?

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QC, talk me back down!!

We need to secure top 3

Top 3 would obviously be great, but there’s only a 4% difference in likelihood of top 4 pick and a 1.5% difference in number 1 pick. (12.5 to 14 for top 3.) Top 4 very strongly puts you in the top 6, with a very low chance of getting 8.

I don’t see much of a chance of us getting top 3 unless Detroit goes on a run. So for me, new target is to stay in the bottom four. Ideal scenario in that case (we can’t secure top 3) is everybody arounds us goes around .500 so we can have some wins to build momentum but preserve the 4 spot.

Here’s odds for all picks:


Orlando not getting things done tonight while we are running around without pants on, chef is going to lose his mind.

It’s happening. This is beyond stupid

We’re 6.5 behind Orlando. In the words of Aaron Rodgers - Relax…

We need to sit Hayward for the season. That will do it. Mark Williams makes us too good, but we can’t sit him. I would love to see us sit Hayward and Rozier and that would lead us to where we need to be for lotto.

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The concern is if it falls to 3 or 4 with 18 remaining games, they may try to go for it.

I think we will be behind Orlando if we lose our match against them. Hoping for that lol.

They’re already 3-0 on us this season, right? I think they’ve got the tie breaker.


Maybe we should rename this “Chef health monitor”


Not a professional lip reader but I am pretty sure melo said “it popped”

Yes, saw the same thing

Well… time to tank again. Just throw Bouk out there to finish the season.

Also, with our luck… Ball will be out pretty much all of next season. Hope it’s not that serious though.

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no words… We are the Hornets

Considering this might be the last win for a while, I’ll enjoy this one


Terry and Gordon meet helium