Mann and Bertands for Hayward

Not that this trade needs much analysis, since it was mostly to get out of the GH deal, but what do you think of Mann and Bertrands?

Mann a possible long term acquistion?

Bertrand got much to offer, or was that mainly to make the money work?

I’d have to dig into Mann, but people have said good things as a backup PG with two years left on his deal.

Bertans could be this year’s Svi - he can come in and hit some shots and make the end of the season tolerable

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Hope we bring back Hayward in Free Agency to a much cheaper deal!

I’m seeing Tre Mann with one more year on his contract at 5m, with that second being a RFA with a qualifying offer of 7m. Does that count as two more years left on his contract? Anyways, same thing. I think this could be a nice, cheap backup PG option. I’m cautiously optimistic.

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Just got a little sweeter:

The Thunder are including Vasilije Micic and draft compensation to the deal, sources tell ESPN.


well I’d say that’s fairly dope. very nice.

Regarding Bertans, his is a really nice contract to trade this off season. The fact next season is only guaranteed for $5m, but counts as the full $16m in a trade, will be attractive for teams looking to clear some cap space.

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