Mark Williams Thread

Grrrrrrr, you are probably correct. It’s one of the reasons I loathe this team right now

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Why in the hell are we not giving him a chance to play some mins with the starters. I think he could at least back up Nick.

Are we trying to showcase Plumlee to get a little something out of him at the dead line

My guess/hope is that, once he has the defensive system, rotations etc. down he’ll see regular minutes.

I used to hang on the “showcase” idea. No more. This team constantly strives to win 3-4 games more each year with mediocre journeymen instead of capitalizing on the cheap developmental years of rookie contracts.

I have given up.


Sadly, this sums up the franchise rather well.

I agree that the lack of PT for Williams is frustrating. But one encouraging side note from last night is that Richards actually got more minutes than Plumlee. We can hope that’s maybe a sign of things to come.


Big man finally played. Highlights look real encouraging on his potential impact once he gets some strength and confidence. Greensboro stint really paying off.

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If he is actually going to see time, I may start watching again


While a team not stuck on itself or open to winning might play Mark; I doubt the Hornets will continue to after Nick returns.

They don’t need to give minutes to 3 Centers and Plumlee/Richards are vets that must play because Hornets.

It was essentially Marks first game and it was wild to watch Terry, Oubre and McD ignore him. At the moment they have no idea how to play with Mark.

I’m going to be fucking pissed if mark doesn’t get PT moving forward. He played well. Play him Cliff. Cmon.


I’m starting to wonder how good this guy can actually get. After seeing him pushed around so easily in preseason and feeling like he’s a year away, his physical presence now is quite noticeable on offense and defense, and is becoming intimidating for players to explore the paint.

I’ll give Mitch credit, he chose the right center. Not getting Agbaji, Griffin, or Eason instead of trading for the 29th pick next year (thanks for playing so great Denver) will forever be stupid, but seeing this version of Mark, without being near his peak strength, or even showing his outside shot yet, he could (emphasis on could) be in the running for regular consideration for all-star center in the near future.


following Mark along only first half of rookie season…allstar if he played OKC & Hou every game…per game 17 pts (15-17!), 8.5 rbs, 3 blocks
other 13 games, 50% FG, 5 Pt, 5 RB, .5 blocks, 3 Assists, 10 TO

+++not worst thing using biggest boy size to dominate G-league and put up strong vs OKC & Hou…want to see this and not the early cream puff against everybody, and does show there is potential there to level up

After watching him in college I thought he had the chance to be a good pro. I was excited when we took him and was glad he was the one we kept. I too was concerned about his strength but he’s actually held his own in that department and been far better, much sooner than I thought he would. Especially given how little court time he’s actually had. Really excited to see how good he can become. I’m ready for the Williams/Richards era to begin.

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My prognostication comes with a very big caveat of course - its early and he hasn’t had the playing time to develop further and show what he’s got.

His per 36 stats look nice at 18.1 points, 15.2 rebounds, and 2.3 blocks. For per 100 possession stats, he’s 4th on the team in scoring, and 1st in rebounds and blocks. I’m pretty encouraged after only 15 games based on mostly instincts and basketball awareness, without much chance for experience and growth yet.

The other cool thing I like is the team realizing how big he is. I noticed it in Greensboro highlights, and have seen it here too. His teammates basically can just throw the ball high in his general vicinity and know he’ll get it. Its like passing to a big brother, he’s the perfect release valve, and he’s obviously been coached to keep his hands up.

I’m being very optimistic of course, but I think we’re due something positive for having to deal with the current shitshow.


Also have to keep in mind that along with the 29th pick came multiple seconds that were part of the ammo required (with more leftover) to trade up for Bryce who’s proving to be a pretty good prospect as well. Not saying that I agree with the trade but I somewhat understood the thought process with us having so much youth already unable to see the floor due to the vets in place, expecting miles back, being in win now mode to advance past the play in, I think Mitch wanted to defer adding another first round prospect that would be expected (fan expectation) to see the floor more immediately when Bouknight, Kai, Thor and then Mark were already going to be in that position. There was less pressure to play Bryce as soon although he’s been a pleasant immediate surprise when forced into playing time due to injuries. We just didn’t know at the time… Well, I’ll say it was somewhat understandable at the time to not think we would be better served by an all out youth movement and complete tank. IJS, We got some immediate return and still have some future 1st and 2nd round assets left from the trade.

But I’m beyond thrilled with Mark’s progress. I fell in love with him as a prospect for us midway thru last season and I’m glad it worked out that we got him.

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I definitely think that’s the correct way to look at it. It’s just hard to get past “what could have been” with the 13th pick.

I can see the outlines of how the logic works, but I think the value of a cost controlled rookie contract, with a couple players with high lottery talent available, should outweigh that thought process.

Or if you’re gonna flip the pick for a future year, you hold out for a much better pick. I think the Knicks were holding several first rounders, all you had to do was insist on the higher one. Detroit was desperate for Duren and the Knicks were desperate to get rid of Kemba, so there was no rush to complete the trade right away. Hold out, someone would budge.


I think empirically the view that a low 20s draft pick in '23 is in all ways better than #13 in '22 may prove to be correct. However the gamble looks bad on face value because numerically it is prohibited from being equal or better that the '22 pick. And now we are into the season, it is not a low 20s pick but looking like very high 20s.

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Don’t underestimate the impact of Mark on the team. I like the fact that Cliff has called him smart! Plus he’s defensive minded and a huge presence in the middle.