Miles Bridges Gets 3 years Probation

Mr. Mo Bamba, what do you think is the possibility of Bamba S&T with Oubre?

Less than 0%. The additions of Mark Williams and Steve Cliffdog were the final nails in the coffin for my Bamba hopes and dreams.

But that will not stop me from worshiping my 7’0 lord and savior, Mohamed Fakaba Bamba


we need some buckets graphs!!!

Yes. Some graphs/advanced analytics that I either don’t understand or only partially understand. But even though I don’t understand them, I will know for sure that they are statistically sound.

Buckets, if you’re reading this. Please post some graphs, charts, and advanced analytics to prove why I’m right about Mo Bamba.



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Considering Clifford wasnt big on Bamba in Orlando, I would say zero.

Maybe a trade for Collins is still possible. Being that we apparently dont value first rounders much anymore, I wonder if we could find a way to swing a deal for Collins using one or two and some salaries to match?

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Unless we shed Hayward (or Terry, which I highly doubt our front office will do) I can’t see where the space will come from. I do think a front court of Miles, Collins and Williams could be quite something in a couple of years. I’d try damn hard to make that a reality.

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Terry should be moved. A bigger co-guard who can defend is 100% mandatory.

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Since QC and Powell brought it up, I’ll add I also really appreciate this forum, with varying opinions and good informative discussion on the hornets.

I visit and occasionally comment at ATH, but the last few weeks, there’s been political comments made there. One of the mods even warned them about it, but then started commenting himself. I eventually blocked a few posters but that’s not something I like to do. May eventually quit going there.

I know those topics are more important, but there’s a time and place for it. Again, thanks to everyone here for staying on the topic we all care about, the Hornets.


To semi-merge threads, a back court rotation of LaMelo, Cody, Delon Wright & Bouknight with a front court rotation of Miles, John Collins, Williams, McDaniels, Mason, Thor & Kai would be very, very interesting.


Dear Brooklyn,
Hayward + our poo poo platter of 2nds is better than Russ

We take Russ and his fashion trends. He and Kelly oubre will be tight


I am not concerned with Kyrie. How do we get Kevin Durant? Lol. But seriously, sounds like Nets going to blow it up

Gordon can play the 2 but you guys would reject that too!

As for Miles, he should punch folks in the face and try to take as much money as he can. That is basic capitalism!

Indeed I am hoping that we can finally see the Mo Bamba cheerleading put to bed.

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No. It’ll never be put to bed. I’ll let you know when he has a good stat like regardless of where he’s playing next year.

Very helpful information.

As for the friend on IG - that is why you have friends like that - to say the sh!t you can’t say.

I’m 90% confident Miles gets resigned. I hope it’s not quite for the max. Mitch sounded pretty certain about him being back during his press conference today. I saw Plowright post that sources say the Pistons are not likely to offer a max deal and I didn’t think they would…

It’s been implied that we’re so inept that we paved the way for Detroit to sign Miles away from us with a Max offer by making the trade for Duren and taking a lesser 1st round pick… We’ll never know for sure but what if the genius that Mitch is, had him negotiate in return for 13 along with the other compensation we received, Detroit had to do us a solid and low ball Miles for a number no greater than what we’re comfortable matching :thinking:

Mitch is playing chess, not checkers. LOL!


No way. Players union would absolutely revolt

That is some grade A collusion right there.:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Lol, For sure. Rightfully so.

The guy that the nba lauds as the most honest gm of the lot? Lol