Miles Bridges Gets 3 years Probation

I posted my theory on this 4 days ago:

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I want what you guys are smoking.

Down goes Detroit

Edit: perhaps the league is defacto saying miles isn’t worth what he thinks he is. Charlotte might get away with 5/85 or 5/90.

Also, I wonder if the Knicks strike out on brunson what they might trade for Terry. A couple of future first protected to slide into space

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Cool. That should benefit us too! I expect a fury of activity over the next week! Then two weeks after that we will start making moves!

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DET can still move those guys if they want space and they did tender Bagley so they will free up his voluminous cap hold.

Brunson’s dad being a coach for the Knicks and his agent is Leon Rose’s son so pretty sure they know they’re getting him. But they do seem like they would’ve been a possible destination for Terry, especially with news they’re offering Brunson over $27M a year.

Can change the title to “Looks like Miles did quite the number on himself with the Hornets and everyone else”


Just saw it. Dude really fucked the bag up. Like you turned down an extension to bet on yourself, balled out and earned it, then just pissed it all away in like a month and a half worth of offseason. Between lean and a DV arrest on the eve of FA, I doubt he even gets an offer from anyone else and has to accept whatever we give him. What a monumental fuck up.


You know some other teams like the Lakers will give him an offer, for a prove it deal or something. I can feel it.

Does Lakers even have any money left?

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I don’t know. But we all know that Lebron always gets what he wants somehow.

Lol we can match any pathetic offer they or any other team put together. Miles would have to sign it - it’s just like we did the first time with Gordon Hayward from Utah.

Miles wouldn’t accept something like that just because it would be a horrible look for him. We will give him a respectable offer and he should be thankful for it at this point.

But will he even play a game for us in the next few years, if all of this is true? We can’t have nice things.

Thats my immediate thought. Depending on the outcome, he may be done altogether. The fact the victim had to be treated for injuries and he had left the scene… seems like irrefutable evidence.

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Man… I hope it comes out that it’s not true but it really seems like it is.

Do we even have any money to offer anyone anything in free agency. Are we able to go after Ayton? I’m thinking not… so we are screwed… wow.

You have got to be kidding me!

Jaxon Hayes from the Pels was the most recent example of a player being charged with domestic violence that I could find. He also assaulted an officer. Looks like he reached a plea deal to avoid jail time and I never heard about any discipline from the league. Of course it’s way too early to know how Miles’ situation plays out, the similarities and differences from his situation etc. that’s part of what’s so bad about this. Just throws us into complete limbo having to sort this whole situation out while deciding how to best move forward and improve the team.

If true, I don’t want him