Must win game vs OKC

LOL we still can’t run a decent play to get the ball in bounds for a shot.

That last minute performance by Bridges was still phenomenal. I’m leaning to that with my fandom tonight.

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You can’t deny the heart but good grief man. What was that last play even supposed to be?

Dell was perfect in his assessment. We aren’t good enough to only try at the end of games. That’s what this team did well last season, try and give a damn for 4 quarters.

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I will say that no Monk with a team struggling offensively like we did seems weird.

I feel like this is a good assessment of part of the issue. Nothing does look flowing out there.

Embrace another top 5 pick guys. It will make these games more tolerable

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I feel you, but you know we’re gonna finish the season on a 12-3 run to get us that 9th pick like normal.


The one thing I know about becoming a better shooter, is when you start to let it fly with no inhibition and see it go in, especially in clutch situations. This will no doubt give him confidence to just fire it up without thinking about it.

Its the last step after refining your form, and making shots in practice, is to see it work during a real game. Miles confidence may be the only good thing that comes from this game.

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I think there’s more good to come from that game than just Miles’s shot confidence. I do agree, that’s a good take away. Devonte’ is struggling with shooting, and the promise of better finishing at the rim in the preseason isn’t quite there like we hoped, but this should be a growth moment for him. I love that he’s dishing out double digits assists two nights in a row. PJ found his mojo too. And we also now know for sure we cannot just lean on Hayward, he’s going to draw the attention of any team that wants to shut us down if we do.

There’s some good out of this, it’s not all bad. And it wouldn’t totally shock me that we go berserker tomorrow night and get our first win. Would not surprise me if we lose by 50 as well - but I am forever hopeful and do hold out hope this is a catalyst.


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Looks like it’s going to take some time for this team to gel and get back into proper rhythm.
We just lost a winnable game on 20 / 32 FT shooting.
Happens, let’s wait and see what we look like in February / March.

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We also shot less than 40% from the floor in a game where we shot more than 40% from 3. If we made just a handful of those missed layups, we win the game.

It definitely seemed like there was a mix of not gelling, being out of rhythm, and pressing.

I thought we just played incredibly soft in the second half. Missing so many shots at the rim just shows lack of focus and will to me. Soft.

I think that game was a attainable win if for either FTs, rebounding in the first half, or just made point blank shots. It’s a decent sign to have that much go wrong to only loose by a bucket.

Watching the first half I was thinking man if OKC isn’t the worst team in the NBA then we might be. Then the second half happened and now I know.