Smack Memphis Thread

I expect they will come at us hard and fast being without their top players.

This is going to be a tough one unfortunately as we continue to play to our competition.


what a start for PJ…

When Biz has been our best player that’s not a good sign

Hopefully they wear down 2nd half being so shorthanded. The words “create your own energy” come to mind

Garbage so far. It’s like the exact opposite of the Dallas game.

Maybe the Melo and Miles show is about to crank up. We need something

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Why are we so awful against these teams

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Everything looked both sluggish and we made it harder than it need to be. Lots of forcing junk up.

And at this point the player of the game is Biz. It’s sad that we expected us to play down tonight and they have.

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LaMelo is special, going to be the face of this city for years to come


Basketball is such a volatile sport, I’m not sure what the score is now but I saw the Pistons were beating the Celtics down tonight. We were getting decent looks in that half they just weren’t falling, still only down six we can easily win this

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Devonte doesn’t even look like he’s going to score

Gra-Ha-Ro is 3 for 20.

Was it Bane they were talking about as a zero star recruit? Memphis has an interesting group of players in the game tonight

Looks like a confidence issue with him as well


This is the weirdest defense I have ever seen

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What universe is this where Biz is the player of the game?

I love Devonte’ but if he were benched for Monk right now, I wouldn’t be upset