Smack Memphis Thread

It was interesting that once again we didn’t see Monk. Tonight definitely seemed like a prime time to put him in.

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I will never ever understand how much love Monk gets.

Sure he had all the potential in the world, but the dude has made it totally clear that he will never live up to it.

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If so we need to put Monk 'Cody ’ and maybe even Graham together to get one really good player,
Just names really. But we need one really good big .

He seemed to be putting it together before he got suspended. He had a stretch of really good games

Agree with this statement (as well as @Vanderbilt_Grad re. the amount of love Monk gets).

With neither Terry nor Devonte firing you would have thought Monk would have at least got some ‘ok, let’s see what you’ve got’ minutes. Caleb played pretty well and would have been joint top scorer if his shoes were one size smaller but the fact Malik got nothing says a lot.

Monk will get minutes during this congested part of our schedule but it does appear he’s got his work cut out to get ahead of either Martin.

To not see Monk at all last night tells me something more is going on - and it doesn’t make a lot of sense at all.

Both our guards not hitting, and both the Martin Twins playing extended wing minutes when we need some offensive punch? Not even in late those last 5 minutes?

I mean Nick Richards got in, good grief. Not that there’s anything wrong with Nick, just where we are right now that makes no sense to me.

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I think the glare from the mint court messed with their heads.

The whole NBA is playing wonky right now. Graham 1/10, Rozier 1/11 and Bridges 1/5 and yeah ya lost. It’s the Hornets. Some nights you can tell by midway thru the 1st quarter that’s it’s gonna be rough.

Was worried that the guys might be hung over and yup.

I love Monk but it’s time to trade him. It’s pretty clear JB hates him for whatever reason. He’d pretty much play ANYONE at this point over him, and I don’t get it. His love for the Martin twin baffles me and feels just like Clifford

I think every coach has guys that are their types and guys on the outs. Pop would this with guys for years and then, that same player world be in their favor. Larry Brown did this, JB seems to do this, and we saw Clifford, and have seen Spo do it too. I think it’s just a “coaches do” sort of thing. And I would not rule out Monk being (moving to) in JBs favor either.

BTW, this would be a good time to play him and by play him, I mean meaningful minutes.

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it has to be issues with Monk of some kind of. Attitude’/ drugs. hustle , Something? Right now would be a good time to show case him for a trade.

When I read that JB must hate Monk not to be playing him I can’t help but think a certain perspective has been lost.

Does anyone seriously think that it’s more likely that JB is not putting Monk into the rotation because he hates him vs. Malik hasn’t earned the right to be there yet? For all his potential, it remains largely unrealised and he let his teammates and organisation down when he chose to contravene the NBA’s drugs policy.

For all that I’d be stunned if Monk doesn’t see minutes soon, if only because of the congested nature of the schedule. JB is sending a clear message to his team … if you want minutes you have to earn them and I’m 100% behind him on that.


Well, he did fail multiple drug tests and the last one for more than hippie lettuce.

Maybe that’s part of it, LOL