NBA Season Thread

Basketball is back just without the boys in teal

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It’s pretty surreal: like watching sports events in the background of a sci-fi movie. Digging it overall though.

Do wish the other teams got together and played some games of some kind.

Anyone know what’s up with MKG? He’s been riding the bench in Dallas

No idea. Did get 18 minutes tonight, but he didn’t attempt a shot. I suspect they’ll play him if they need defense and rebounding and won’t if they need scoring. Probably oversimplifying though.

Tough loss for the Grizz but an amazing season for them

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MKG draining two threes last night

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see the Blazers knock off the Lakers in the first round

Oh yes, that would be amazing!

Want it so bad but don’t see it happening

Will always root for this man

Horford may have overtaken Batum for worst contract in the league

I think it’s certain. Philly’s offseason will be the most interesting in the Association IMO

Jamal Murray quickly become one of my fav players to watch

Last year’s Boston team was absolutely miserable to watch with how openly certain guys hated playing with each other, and it left me pretty checked out on the team last summer and during the first couple months of this year. This season’s been the polar opposite though, and Kemba’s been a joy.

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I’ve been rooting for the Cs this year when the Hornets weren’t on the court for Kemba, it’s been a really fun team to follow. Love the Jays and Smart.

I think the biggest question will be what Kemba you get, superstar Kemba or just all-star Kemba. That’ll be a big factor in how far the Celtics go

Who’s team MVP this year? I know Tatum may be the better talent, but do you have Kemba as the MVP?

I know you were asking Bogg but I’d give Tatum the MVP, he’s just been playing at a superstar level whereas Kemba has played at an all star level most the season.

Celtics fans probably would even list Kemba as their third best player, i’d put him second

Who are top 2? Tatum and Brown?