Nuggets game thread

What a start. Love the hustle. We will still lose, but at least it’s a fun start. Hayward looks 25 again.

Good 1st quarter. Impressed with how Williams is playing vs Jokic.

Williams really does have a nice offensive game. I really do think the sky is the limit for him.


With Denver being out west, it’s easy for me to forget just how good Jokic is. Really respect his game. I think our guys are actually playing him well, he’s just so dang good.

Hey coach you can’t play Richards at center

I told you Richards is my center

You can’t play Richards at center

Look we can keep going around like this all day. Richards is my center. I use the roster as I see fit.

You absolutely do. Richards is in Greensboro coach. Williams is the center.

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You know, if Gordon can keep this up the rest of the year, we might even be able to trade him in the summer.

PJ showed how he can play when he brings energy. Maybe if we slip Red Bull into his Gatorade, it might bring this out every time.

I thought Mark looked good in his limited time. Was stout against Jokic and had a good 2-3 blocks and a couple forced misses. And that nice little catch and spin move into a shot was almost Al Jeffersonesque, and about 12 seconds faster.

The box score said Thor was in the game, but don’t recall seeing him.

Did anybody catch what happened to Kai? He was in a boot, don’t know if Cliff sent some goons to hammer his ankle so he didn’t have to play him.

DeAndre is a huge gentleman. Huger than he was before. I got confused whether he was Andre Drummond or Oliver Miller. Yes, please google that name you young kids who weren’t conscious at that point in the timeline, he was… quite large.

Great weekend, Detroit accidentally won, and we secured two crucial L’s to secure 3rd place. Houston and San Antonio are such a mess, we could lose out and still not catch them.

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Mark is young but you can see the talent thair for sure . He did show some Big AL and a little Zo mixed in with his blocking ability.
Richards all so looked good ,
I bet Clifford said we would have won if Plumlee was playing.


Oliver Miller reference! Awesome

It’s definitely more fun watching Williams and Richards out there, than Plumlee. Gives me something to hope for the future.


Oliver Miller vs. Hot Plate Williams. One on one. I gotta see it.


Guess he found the first bus out of Charlotte. Lucky for him we weren’t playing Houston last night.

I am excited to see Mark Williams, he is so much more abrasive in defense than Plumdog.
Hope he will have many chances to gain experience and get ready for next year.


Ok, I genuinely thought you meant John “Hot Rod” Williams, but there was an actual “Hot Plate” Williams? And apparently he was suspended a whole year for being overweight? Wouldn’t playing have helped him if the team was so concerned??

Here’s the head to head:

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Reggie Lewis siting!

QC lol. Yeah, I think the “Hot Plate” tag was used to differentiate him from Hot Rod. I guess he was a poor man’s Magic Johnson when at his very best.

He looked a lot like Shawn May. Another Charlotte waste of talent.