Off Season Changes?

Jarrett Allen
Mo Bamba
Clint capella

Then go get a real difference making pf


IMHO Centers really need to bring something strong to the table these days. They need to be able to lead a team’s defense (so strong individual D + ability communicate), stretch opposing defenses (3 point shot), or really connect things on offense (passing & ball handling). A good center needs to either do 2 of those, or do one and be able to score. One reason I was looking forward to Plumlee last summer was that I thought that he could defend and connect on offense … and he didn’t end up doing either well.

So, of potentially available guys Myles Turner feels like the perfect fit to me, but I do understand concerns about what it might take to trade for him. He’s a proven defender & can stretch the floor really well. I think that he would really fit with Miles Bridges on nights where his shot isn’t falling and Montrezl Harrell who brings a lot to the table but doesn’t shoot 3s. For me, he’s the guy even if the cost is high.

I’ not sold on Mo Bamba. He is shooting more 3s, but the defense, passing, and scoring really haven’t stood out to me on a consistent basis. He feels better that what the Hornets have currently, but doesn’t seem like a guy who will really get them through a round or two of the playoffs.

Jarrett Allen is a guy that I wouldn’t mind at all even if he doesn’t fit like Turner. Ditto for Clint Capella.

I am leaning into team “take a step back and play the young guys”. Relocate Terry, Gordon, Oubre, Plum, try to get immediate/future cap flex and again, play the young guys!

Wembanyama is too good of a top pick not to throw ourselves at.

I know all of this is very wishful thinking but it feels like we may finally be in position to “choose our path” more. That Hayward signing, while good for our franchise and some of our guys (Miles), kinda put us into a window that we werent really ready to be in with the way the rest of the roster was constructed.

Likelihood of this happening is probably close to 0, but a retool, IMO is necessary.

We are flirting dangerously close to locking us into a lower ceiling 3-5 year window, which could also result in Lamelo leaving after is first extension if we have failed to provide hope towards a Championship pathway.

This is probably one of the more unpredictable and vital offseasons in our franchise history (Bobcats). What we choose to do this offseason will inevitability set the foundation for the next 3-5 years. Gotta make it count.

Is there a reason to think CLE or ATL would deal either of Allen or Capella when both just played their first and second years respectively in significant new contracts?

On Bamba, I am less clear. Is he on his last contract year with ORL and did they ever talk extension (and fail to come to terms)?

My thoughts

Allen: Cleveland made the 6 center thing work this year surprisingly but they are going to have to figure out a more balanced roster

Cappella: Atlanta underachieved based on expectations. Something has to give.

I agree with your premise that effective centers need to bring many things to the table. I am just not convinced any that are practically available do so.

In retrospect, I think he makes more sense on a team that is bereft of playmakers at any position. I’d bet he would have been a good upgrade the season Kemba left whereby Terry and Tae were both great shot makers, weren’t dynamic shot creators (for themselves or others). Mason’s 7’ coast to coasts were more disruptive than productive on this team as it didn’t progress the ball down the floor faster or get us more smoothly into anything offensively.

Oh, I think Allen is more in how those MVP convos go when guys are out. “How much did you struggle without him?” For that, I don’t know they have that many viable centers - Mobley is a stud and will be great but he’s more a PF imo than C. And as for CLE relying on Love or Lauri for that role, I don’t see it.

On Atlanta, you might be right but in a similar vein to CLE, they just don’t have a viable center otherwise and as we’re discussing, competent ones are hard to come by and harder to trade for cheaply. JMO but think they would be unwise to deal him.

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Mitch will make any deal like, but not feel back against wall to do something or else.

Team best offense in franchise history
Team worst defense in franchise history
23-33-43 wins, improvements deliberate slow and steady, like GM

offensive playing near Lakers showtime level like when Mitch playing.
Offensive coach…keep team running and scoring. FO to add a “him”, Rambis, Cooper, etc defensive pieces to team and improve defense…w/o disturbing offense.

What’s the consensus on Isaiah Hartenstein? I know he had a sneaky good year coming off the bench for the Clips and he’s a UFA but a) will they be able to keep him with their cap situation and b) is he the goods when he’s the featured center? To me, it’s stuff like him or Claxton (or others that I am not thinking of) where the organization would seem hard pressed to hold onto them due to cap and they may be good for a starting role that is interesting.

There’s always Frank Kaminski, Cody Zeller, and Bizmack Biyombo that will be free agents :wink:

Charlotte has drafted roughly 200 centers in the last 10 years and still needs a center. :joy::joy::joy:


They are all in on Mo after this season. So there is no way they are giving him up for peanuts just to make our team better. I can’t under stand why Cleveland would trade Allen to do us a favor. But maybe you know something that I don’t know.

Why would Gordo agree to go back to Utah? You do know about his 15% trade kicker right? If we send him there he’s gonna use that clause to kick MJ (and Hornets) in the nuts. Let’s face it there is only ONE place Gordo wants to go.

We are stuck w the pacers as a trade partner for Gordon.

Hayward doesn’t really have a say in the matter, a trade ticker isn’t some sort of de facto no-trade clause that he can exercise. I agree there are a few versions of a trade with the Pacers that could work, but he could just as well wind up on his way to LA or Milwaukee or Dallas or wherever.

Agreed Clayton makes A LOT of sense. Plus he would allow us to move on from Richards.

He can waive the kicker and save us anywhere from 4 to 9 million based on how the kicker is structured. We just got out from under playing Nick Batum 8 million a year (for doing nothing) because we acted out of desperation years ago do we really want to unlearn that lesson w Gordon?

Can we REALLY afford to give up that kind of money and: pay Miles, pay Montrez, and find free multiple agents this year? What about paying TWO first round picks too? It’s not our money but I am sure that we would KEEP Gordo before paying that kicker.

Why did I know that the Gordo kicker would be news to half of the posters on this board?

He wasn’t really worth anything more than a second round pick. Monk recently admitted PUBLICLY that he was out for himself on offense and didn’t try on defense. That is not the kind of guy you want in the locker room and at practice or in the building for that matter.

So, two thoughts:

  1. If ownership feels handcuffed because they literally cannot afford a player’s trade kicker then they cannot afford to run an NBA team in the first place.

  2. The team acquiring Hayward only has to send back around $24 million to take on his $30ish million. If the move is strictly about finances, they can pay the trade kicker and still come out ahead this year and WAY ahead next year, depending on who you take back.

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D@mn I just saw this! I am reading this thread from the bottom up. This is freaking sad. I loved Gordo since college. Too bad. Well this certainly opens up more options because he’s motivated to leave. I am gonna miss him and his professionalism. But to truth of the matter is that he just couldn’t stay healthy. That is going to limit his/our options but I think he would be less likely to punish us w the kicker now.

I would call up Atlanta about Okongwu, I always feel like he looks good when we play them and he’s LaMelos friend/high school teammate

LaMelo eventually being wanted to be traded to the Lakers is going around! What could we get for him now? Maybe to the Warriors for their young kids?