Off Season Changes?

LaMelo to me has the potential to be a top 10 player and superstar. He’s accomplishing things that nobody has accomplished at his age. LaMelo has also never gotten the chance to be the focal point of the team. I like Borrego as a coach but he kept LaMelo on a tight leash.

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I probably would rather have Ja over Melo, but I’d rather have Ball potential over Trey Young.

I think it’s definitely too soon to anoint anyone a generational talent after two years. Not saying Melo can’t get there, but we just don’t know that yet. That label requires playing at an All-NBA level consistently over a number of years. Melo followed up an impressive rookie season by being an all-star in year 2. He’s certainly on the right trajectory, but will need to continue elevating his game in year 3 and beyond before he deserves the superstar/generational talent tag.

It’s also not just about talent. He’ll have to be lucky enough to stay healthy. Grant Hill and D Rose we’re probably talented enough, but couldn’t stay healthy enough to play at that level for long enough. I do think accomplishments over time are a big part of that analysis. To that point, I don’t think Luka’s on that list yet. He just hasn’t done it long enough yet and hasn’t won. If his career ended today, we’d be talking more about what he could’ve been than what he was.

I also agree that the generation talent thing gets thrown around way too loosely. In terms of current players, the only guys I’d say who are hands down, undisputedly generational/transformational players are LeBron, KD, Steph, Giannis and CP3. All those guys are probably top 25 all-time, with LeBron, KD and Steph all in the convo for top 10 all-time. Obviously, Melo has a long way to go to be in that conversation.

So, training camp starts Tuesday. Any chance we will get some news about Miles before then?

Heard on some pod recently that if he/ his agent doesn’t sign the QO by Oct 1, it’s rescinded. He remains an RFA this season (and I assume he becomes a UFA July 2023) but also assume that means he can’t play because he wouldn’t be under contract. I might have all of that 100% wrong however.

This all is in the context of us not offering him a contract.

This is what I heard also, but with the team option to extend the QO until March 1.

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We need to save all this Melo talk two more years. I bet half of you will wanting to trade him by then. I really hope i am yrong. All this unearned hype be for he earns it. He wasn;t even voted in. Or even put in by the coaches. He got in after others got hurt. I still like him and see him as a all star . But i don’t don/t see him as generational.

Well he is certainly the best player to ever walk into this court

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Dav, you feel like Kendrick Perkins with all this pessimism. He was holding up zeros only to be quieted down by GSW championship.

The board needed trafic badly so i thought i would try to get some started. Defendeding Melo helped trafic a lot . I have seen good times and bad times at Bobcats planet over the last 17 years. So i lit a small fire to get a little instrest. Glad to say the fire is still hear. Of the members

Melo is very good at what he does time will tell how good he ends up.


Feel like this deserves an honor. Has almost a Beagle like quality in its sincerity.


18 and 10 season incoming

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With PJ’s defensive skills, I don’t care about his ppg. As long has he has 12+ with 10 rpg, and strong defense, I think he will deserve the bag. I bet he is looking for 4/60 min.

PJ’s never been a great rebounder, so I don’t see him getting into double figures. I actually think he’s talented enough to be a 20 point scorer, but he’s always been so passive, I guess accepting his role as a 5th option. But we saw when he hunts for his shot, he can explode. Hope he does go all out for that big contract.

I was gonna say, I know you’re a good fan, but didn’t know when you got so grouchy and pessimistic. Good to see it was just a ploy.

This is always the dead part of the year for the board. No real NBA action, everyone getting into football more, school year starting up again. We do have the crazies (me included) who are deep into meaningless summer league action, so the fire is here when there is something going on.

But once training camp and preseason comes around, we’ll all be suckered back full bore into the season until they start their regularly scheduled kicking us in the nuts by the 2nd week of the season.


I don’t know QC. I have never felt this uninterested in the team. Even some of the 2-litre-bottle-of-Coke-on-the-counter-uncapped-for-three-days flat off-seasons like the Marco Belinelli or the Dunlap hire years I was more interested.


Why though? Like how do you have less hope now than you did with DUNLAP as coach?

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Yeah, I feel that - I know for me, a big part of it was the completely deflating offseason. Nothing went right, no positive momentum at all, continuous bad headlines.

But that curiosity will start to kick in when the season gets near, especially to see how much Melo has grown, what PJ has added to his game, if any of the kids have made a jump. That will get me pretty intrigued right until the first 5 game losing streak. But I’m a self admitted home team sucker (Panthers get me every year too)

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That’s how I felt, but it started during last season. And worsened after the draft. This is also the most disinterested I’ve ever been.

I did not know Beagle, but seemed like a nice person. I mostly just read and didn’t really post much at all during bobcats planet days-but do recall those days.