Please Don't lose to the Thunder

Let’s not do the usual Hornets thing and let a crappy team hang around tonight


Well… another BS call on that Lamelo 3. He wasn’t out of bounds. It’s so frustrating. Refs just take points away from us.

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He sure wasn’t. They constantly screw us


That was definitely not out of bounds, another stolen possession.

On another note, we shouldn’t allow this many points in the paint, it is so easy for Thunder.

Edit: Why doesn’t JB challenge?

I guess we are taking them lightly bc we are such a good team. I can’t ever understand how our team thinks.

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Why do we rarely roll trez? What am I missing here?

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Giving up 40+ to the Thunder in this quarter might be a new low


That was an incredible defensive effort by the team (all 10 players who played). Defensive coach should be popping bottles.

Holy crap our scouting report must be 2 sentences

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Welp we’re in trouble

We have the lead but I don’t want to sniff the playin with that defense

I wonder this too. I just dont understand it. Give the guy more minutes man!


What a fart of a first quarter.

Excuse me, I don’t want to disrespect farts by comparing them to this Hornets team.

How about, shart. What a shart of a first quarter.

I don’t have the words. Leading by 1 is good…I guess?

Lamelo Ball is going to be a superstar he just has it

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Good win but we can’t start games giving up 41 in the first and expect to win. Terry with 30, Miles 27, Melo 21 look like a big three. Melo was moving his feet again . Giving good effort in the 2,3,4,th