This is post 300 on the topic, I just like round numbers :slight_smile:

But seriously, you have to think about the development arc of Scoot and Miller. If we assume both max out their development, it’s easier to find another Scoot than another Miller in my opinion. And I like Scoot myself, but I’ve warmed up to Miller also.

Also those of you talking about trading the pick are underestimating the value of high level cost controlled talent - that’s a major value in this NBA, especially with the more punitive costs of the luxury tax. That may make our other picks a little more valuable also.

Cliff probably has a lot of value in this decision too, knowing what he values Miller would probably be his hands down choice.


A six foot nine shooting guard with that lynth would have to help our defense at the point of attack. A 6,7 point and a 6,9 shooting guard would close up a lot of passing lanes .

I’m not really invested in the team right now, but as much as Scoot sounds like the culture element the team could use, I’m not seeing it with him. You really have to project a Kemba like shooting improvement for him to stand much of a chance of being able to take a team anywhere in the playoffs.

On the other hand, I hate the circumstances around Miller’s involvement in a freaking murder of all things. You just can’t underplay that. Talent wise he’s exactly what the team needs with size and shooting. He’s exactly the kind of guy who helps a ton in the playoffs. How nice would it be to not be undersized at any position if he’s playing SG? But I just have a hard time seeing him overcoming … everything if he’s playing alongside Miles & PJ.

In any event I do expect the team to draft one of these two instead of trading back. Best of luck to all involved.

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Miller isn’t a SG. He’s a SF. He’s not quick enough to play SG. And defensively, he’s get toasted by fast, athletic SGs

Guys, miller not a SG. People keep throwing around “he can play SG and guard multiple positions”. No, he’s a SF. And he’s not quick enough or defensively good enough to hang with NBA SGs and he’s wayyy to light to guard PFs. So what are the multiple positions he supposed to be able to defend?

Miles and PJ have 30 pounds of muscle on Brandon miller. They would push him around and abuse him on the boards and driving to the rack.

I know you know your ball but it is hard to go against basketball professionals such as the athletic and a half dozen more saying he can can play positions 2 through five at the next level. I know you love Scoot and are a big fan I really like him too. But I don’t discount abilitys of the other guy to promote the guy i like.


It’s not that he can step into the NBA and guard 2-4 in his rookie season, it’s that he has the potential to do so if he gets a bit more burst & strength to switch into 2s & 4s respectively.

These two physical limitations, the only notable ones in his makeup, are why he’s behind Scoot for me.

However, if an NBA S&C team can unlock that burst and he gains strength, then he is that most desirable, switchable wing/forward who pretty much does it all.

Will he get there? No idea. But there’s always projection involved in the draft.

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From what I read, he’s got a great chance to play 2-4 on both sides of the ball eventually. If not for the off the court concern, I think he’s more in a dead heat with Scoot for the #2 pick. But due to those concerns, I don’t know if Charlotte particularly will take him when Scoot projects so highly.


Im sorry guys, this doesn’t have anything to do with scoot.

Objectively, Brandon miller is going to get bodied by Bridges and PJ who have 30 pounds on him. And Terry is going to absolutely blow by Miller. How is the guy, who these analysts also state that he “may not have the quickest first step” keep up with a guy like Terry or any other quick twitch SG?

So that gives me pause about “can guard multiple positions” when I look at players on our own team that play those positions he supposedly able to defend.

I don’t know what that has to do with Scoot. And once again, it’s not that I don’t want to draft Miller or “dislike him”-I just think scoot is the better pick. I’d be happy to draft Miller. Moving up to be able to select either Scoot or Miller is an incredible opportunity


I am very concerned about the mono diagnosis. It doesn’t “smell” right to me. Losing 13 lbs means he was very sick. If I were a team, I would be very very investigative in that regard

Muscle Atrophy
The Mayo Clinic suggests waiting at least one month before returning to vigorous activities, heavy lifting or contact sports. The symptoms of mono can ease after a few weeks, but it could take several months before you feel completely normal. In that time, lack of physical activity, especially if you’re bedridden, could lead to significant atrophy of lean muscle mass. Muscle wasting is defined by unintentional loss of five to 10 percent of body weight.

Not sure there’s a mystery there. The greater issue would likely be that we just don’t get comfy drafting him without seeing him - in form - in a gym. Just like we passed in MPJ with his back concerns. There are open questions about Miller that I think knock him down some pegs, not much more to see here than that IMO.


You’re talking as if Miller will never develop past where he would be as a rookie. I think that’s more of the issue here.

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So that would mean that he has the “potential” ability to guard multiple positions. And not “miler can guard multiple positions”. So he needs to add a lot of muscle to defend PFs. And I’m not sure how he’s supposed to become quick enough to defend SGs if he doesn’t have it right now.

Another reason why I like Scoot is that physically, he’s NBA ready. He’s absolutely built and has a huge wingspan. Dude is strong.

But yeah, Brandon miller could of course hopefully strengthen over time.

While I much rather draft Scoot, I don’t think Miller is as bad as we are making him out to be on this board. There is a reason why he’s a top 3 prospect. He should still be a very good player.


Hopefully this is more smoke screen BS.

Part of the Paul George comparison (I admit is a lot) is Miller’s assumed ability to play the 2, 3 and 4. Again man imagine a 6-7 and 6-9 back court? That is insane. Agreed, not way he should play 4 until 3 or 4 YEARS from now - if ever. But by comparison Scoot projects at ONE position which the front office is very aware of.

When did 2’s become so fast in the NBA:

Bradly Beal
Desmond Bane
Kevin Hueter
James Harden
Gary Harris
Grayson Allen
Tyler Herro
Clay what’s his face for the Warriors

When you actually look at the starting 2’s around the league that bolsters the argument for Miller.

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Oh I totally agree. Would be stoked to have him on the team.

That said, I really do want Scoot and I’ll be fairly bummed if we don’t select him.

Yeah, a chunk of those guys are quick for miller.

Is someone sitting on college tape of miller spending a lot of time defending shooting guards? Isn’t the consensus of miller stating that he may not be the quickest?

Y’all act like I’m making this shit up. Someone show me the highlights of miller defending shooting guards in college.

His lack of defending sg’s is no worse than scoot’s lack of a 3 pt jump shot. His lack of size against bigger sf and of is no worse than scoot being 6’3" and really only being able to guard guards

To me the better focus is what are each prospects best two traits. How well will they be able to do that at the NBA level and will it be #2 in draft elite?

So for me it is how well will scoot get to the rim or mid range and force defenses to always pay attention to him when he has the ball.

For miller, it’s how well will he be able to shoot and score over all positions on the floor. How good of a Jason Tatum (offensively) impression will he be able do.