You guys are also severely undervaluing Lamelo’s trade value again in my opinion.


Best young core in NBA

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There may be interest in Cody Martin considering how well Caleb has played.

Just need some solid vets with that group. With PJ, Hayward, Martin and maybe DSJ (if he’ll sign here) we’d be ok.

Can’t remember the name, but an ESPN draft analyst was talking about miller’s food defense and ability to guard multiple positions in the NBA.

Guard multiple positions? I have no idea what he’s talking about. He’s not fast and athletic enough to stick with quick, shifty SGs and he’s not strong enough to guard an NBA PF. Can you imagine brandon miller guarding a guy like PJ? Miles bridges too. PJ and Miles would flatten Brandon Miller. They have 30 pounds of muscle more than Miller.

The hornets definitely won’t keep all their draft picks this year. Thought. Portland really needs Scoot to bring along to replace Dame.

Would us trading #27, #2, and Rozier be enough to get the #3 pick, future first round pick, and Shaedon Sharpe?

Low key, I think shaedon sharpe has the potential to turn into an absolute all star. He’s 19 and under contract for three more years I believe. Would LOVE to have sharpe. He has good size too 6’6 200


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Would you guys do Bouknight, the 27th 34, 37th 41st pick for Dick the pick? Second would that be enough to make said team make that trade.

Okay clearly you under estimating Miller. They base that defense claim on his size and effort but mostly his size. The guy is big - bigger than all of our PFs (don’t throw Kai in there - he’s a 3rd string C at best now). Dick and Miller add size, shooting and spacing and Scoot offers none of that. Not blasting Scoot just pointing out his short comings in a debate.

Gradey does have a passion that I have not seen from Miller. If anything Miller seems to be as about as laid back as Melo. That is not good for a team that needs some urgency.

Yes Gradey and Scoot would be excellent but they both should not start unless we are trying to win the lottery again.

Sad to say but we need to ship out Terry for a 1st round and use two 1st rounds and maybe a young asset (Kai, Thor, Bryce, etc) to move up even more. I don’t think anyone wants Bouk.

Hails to the yeah! I would even throw in $40 of my own personal money to ship out Bouk.

PJ has like 35 pounds of muscle over miller. That’s great that miller is 6’9, but strong players with 30 pounds of muscle are going to push him around. He’s not guarding PFs, so I still don’t agree with the “can guard multiple spots”.

I’m not underselling Brandon miller at all. If we get him, I’m still happy. But factually, he’s going to get tossed around by dudes like Bridges or PJ.

All I know is that I’m super high on shaedon sharpe and if there’s any way to extricate him from Portland, I’d love to do it. I like sharpe so much, I’d move down to 3 and select Brandon miller if Portland wants the number 2 pick. And forego my sweet, sweet scoot.

Throw "The Dude" in with that group to the Wizards and then trade with him. He’s the only GM I can see going for it.

LOL I did not type “The Dude.” Come on guys.

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It automatically changes his name, lol


I honestly think I’d do 27, 34, Bouk and a future 1 for Dick. His fit would be beautiful here especially if we took Scoot

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Hornets need a Dick to go along with a big set of Balls.

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If we somehow lane Dick, we definitely do have to bring in another Ball brother. It would be hilarious listening to Eric Collins have fun with that. lol

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I like my idea of anytime LaMelo and dick combine for a basket calling it a lance Armstrong. You know one ball and …


I giggled.

Minus the PEDs, of course.