Summer League Final Vs. Minnesota

Yeah, Kai thinking he can go coast to coast with the dribble is questionable. But nice to see Thor take the game over there for a few minutes down there stretch. His 3 ball is looking much better.

I’ll tell you what, flew in to see this game, put a bunch of money on this shit…


Soft as shit


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But love the see efficient scoring without relying on 3. Also, 5 steals. That length!


Ultimately we saw why these guys are in Summer League. Lot of them had bright spots but from game to game the consistency isn’t there.

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The coaches should be fired, taken out back and put out of their misery.

Absolutely embarrassing

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It’s amazing how gambling on a game changes your perception of it.

Surenkamp is a dogshit coach and it is not a surprise…

There is truth to what you said.

I’m not sure if you’re flaming or not but a question for you:

So you are OK with a 24 to 4 run and being up 14 at some point and still losing by three?

Before I get rancorous I’ll wait for your response.

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Complete ass bag, lame ass coach

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JT seems to be ahead of everyone one else. I would like to see him get more time in the preseason. Kai’s numbers are worrisome.

Kai should be in Greensboro probably.

I am not opposed to this. Most likely SC will not play him much anyways, so whatever reps he can get in is for the best.

So who gets the other 2 way contract guys?

If we pull it from Scottie, anyone can sign him to a 2-way or otherwise, right? I’d keep him and Bryce and roll like that. I don’t think our 2-way guys are contributing anytime before March anyway.

McGowens was only sign for this years two way contract, other still open

Lewis out for a while, Kulboka sign Greece
figueroa look great til miss shots, others with moments, but IMO no one jumping out to me we are gonna pay this guy half a million. Need training camp work to show gonna get paid.

Right Now, expect we looking to find draft/opinion change player…like 76ers sign Riller last year…and well, this not rare or sneaky…we and other teams done too

I agree. I knew he was a lousy coach based on how he coached the Swarm last season! He is not the right coach to develop our young players and get the most out of them.

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Joe Wolf i think has done the best job down thair. Agreeded on the coaching this year.

I am disappointed that FO doesn’t hire a more capable coach who can develop players better at Swarm. Given that Mitch can draft good picks (especially from 2nd round), we could’ve had many assets, instead we have Bouknight and Kai now, who wouldn’t be very valuable trade assets.

A good coach at the Swarm helps make the team more attractive and will give us a chance at getting better players there. If we’re going to trade a lottery pick for a late first and 4 seconds, at least make the Swarm a good landing spot for those 2nd round picks.

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