Swarm vs Nets game

Well, we most likely won’t have a true point guard tonight, with Graham now out. So this should be a fun one.

The squashed bugs vs the 2016 all nba team

Time to put Godzeller at point guard. Triple double guaranteed.

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Vern starting at the 5

That’s crazy. Doesn’t play all year and now he’s starting. I totally get it thought. Going to lose anyway. I wonder how Zeller feels about it… it’s been weird he hasn’t been starting to me.

Against the Nets no less, talk about thrown in at the deep end. Be interesting to see how he gets on

Well he doesn’t look bad so far. Haha

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VC! Wow!
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I mean play the kid LETS GOOOO VERNON! Have we had our starting center of the future this entire time?

Obviously I’m getting way ahead of myself, but these are the first meaningful minutes of Vernon’s career, and he is showing up

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Who is this kid?

Regardless of this games outcome it’s worth whatever to see Verns first start


There’s something uniquely beautiful about watching your starting 5 knock down 3 pointers.

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Also Miles… he’s done himself no harm the last couple of weeks.


Ok… the Hornets have sucked me back in. I’m on in on this group. Haha

Vernonnnnn I love him already

I’m just blown away about the confidence he’s playing with.

Boy Miles has sure stepped up. PJ better look out

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Sure am glad Blake is OK after Biz ripped his arm off and catapulted it at him at 200 mph.


Look at the bench :slight_smile:

We should know better than to get our hopes up too soon!

Time for our guys to lose by 20+

Glad to be wrong so far. Still, we have witnessed where our guys go toe to toe for two to three quarters only to have the better teams pull away late.

Win or lose VC jr playing well is nice to see. Now only if Rozier would regain his shooting touch.

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I love the heart our guys play with. Win or lose I love the makeup of this team. Playoffs or no playoffs this season I see a bright future ahead for our guys.