The Epic 2023 Trade Deadline Thread

Long run he would be solid next to Ball. He would be a 20ppg scorer as a starter if not more. I don’t think he makes a ton of differance this year til he learns the system i don’t he would be a hudge differance maker. But next year he is starter material or sixth man material.

You win the fantasy league every year so I actually trust your assessment. Maybe more so than the people in charge of the hornets. :joy::wink:

As long as the hornets don’t start winning games this year, I can be talked into just about anything.


The thing I’m seeing in a lot of these rumors, there are no picks coming back to Charlotte. Don’t want the corpse of Gallinari or just Justin Jackson for Plumlee. He’s worth late first rounder now because playoff teams are gonna get desperate for a skilled backup center, and he’s the most available.

Oubre is a 20 point scorer, for that kinda output, that should also be some kind of first rounder.

What I hope, is that with OKC actually getting closer to playoff range again, maybe they want to roll the dice with a veteran. They could afford Terry’s contract and have all those first round picks they need to get rid of. His leadership and adding Chet and another young prospect, they could make a decent jump next year.

Knicks also have a ton of first round picks, and since Thibs and Cliff are of the same hive mind, Thibs would love him some Plumlee too. Would help them in their playoff push.

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I agree with the caveat that the hornets can not win meaningless games after the deadline if they choose not to move these players

Also, every year these rumors fly around and it is always that the sending team wants x # of firsts. Of course it rarely ends up getting them. It’s never team x wants to give up 2 1sts for player y

Looking at the standings, we are safe in the top 2 of the East. Orlando has been playing way better of late, and they just got Jonathan Isaac back. Nobody else in the east can catch us.

Too bad for Cunningham’s injury, it’s gonna take desperate measures (i.e. multiple trades) to overtake Detroit. Same with Houston, they’re determined to continue the process and churn in the gutter. Our biggest threat is the Spurs to knock us out of the top 3. The good news is they have a COACH coach, one who’s too competitive to just quit. So they’re gonna accidentally spit out a few more wins than they should.

Couldn’t agree more. If we aren’t getting picks then we truly are just giving players away, which has been my beef all along with most of these scenarios. And not just any picks. I’m in favor of keeping Terry as I’ve said, but if he’s traded, the price had better be right. I’m sorry, anyone offering 2nds for him should be hung up on Immediately. In fact, I’m asking for 2 1st and we can negotiate from there.

I think we have a tendency to pick our guys apart and focus on all the things they don’t do well rather than what they do. What Terry does is win games with big 4th quarter shot making, which any playoff team would want. So any team that wants him, it’s gonna cost you not 1, but 2 1st. If Gobert is worth 4 1st, Murray is worth 3, and Devonte Graham is worth 1, I think 2 is a fair ask for Terry, especially since he’s not a flight risk with 3 years left on his deal.


Thoughts on signing D Lee from Phenix .He is a free agent and Dells son in law. He has the highest fg% in the league. from three. I think he can be had for less than 5 million per year.

I think we have a tendency to pick our guys apart and focus on all the things they don’t do well rather than what they do.

Completely agree, though I can’t speak to their actual worth. I do think Rozier is a perfect energy guy off the bench for an elite team, the kind of luxury that we can’t afford right now given our position. Plumlee, Oubre, and Roz are all three contributors. They’re just now what we need.

I just read another headline that the bulls think they can get two 1sts for Alex Caruso. Color me skeptical.

I am encouraged that the hornets aren’t being floated in these headlines too. I think Terry could legitimately get two firsts if they want to take back equal salary. Or he could get a first and an expiring.

Mason should get a late first.

But it’s complete posturing for all these reserve players being floated with multiple firsts associated with their names.

No way in hell is Caruso worth 2 first rounders, or even 1 first rounder, unless Rod Higgins is working again that I’m not aware of? With these random blog sites, I could start one up and say Nick Richards is worth 2 first rounders, but that would be me holding my two posterior cheeks open and talking out my southern orifice.

Regarding the Plumlee situation, I thought of a great solution. I think the team really likes him and wants to keep him long term, and he would be the perfect backup center for Mark going forward.

We could easily sit down with Plumdog and tell him how much we value him and want him to be a part of the team going forward. His value to the team in our current building process is a first round pick, so we can trade him to a contender and he can enjoy a long prosperous post season as the lefty Kareem Plum-dul Jabbar.

Then in the off-season, after enjoying the playoff world, we can re-sign him here for a nice comfortable life of being the backup center for the next few years and being a great team player while we build up something greater. Benefits all parties.


QC with a rare tri fecta insta :heart: post run. Good stuff all around


Sometimes I get in Grandpa Simpson mode and have to yell at the clouds…

Perfect scenario for a three teamer or even a 4 teamer where the hornets get picks and the other teams get the players to upgrade rosters.

Hayward for Hayes and Graham + a 1st

Terry for Hayes and graham + 2 good Lakers firsts

Man, I like Devonte, but that was a great trade to move him to the Pelicans.


I only posted that because it would be awesome to get 2 more 1sts for him.


Watching Den vs Phi. Plumlee would be a good fit in Den and Phi could use Rozier.

Trade Plumlee for Jokic…. Who says no?


Hoopshype is playing with my emotions

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