The Last Dance on ESPN

Curious if others are watching The Last Dance and have any take aways from it related to the Hornets and NBA in general.

One thing that struck me the first week was how much the notion of tanking is anathema to Jordan and how much that has and invariably will continue to influence his management decisions.


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I have to wait a few hours for todays episodes to become available on Netflix here. I really enjoyed the first 4 so far, particularly the parts about how they understood Rodman’s personality and let him be himself.

It also explains alot about why jordan always seems to fall in love with certain guys in the draft each year. they all are the complimentary pieces to build a successful team. it makes me wonder if somehow he still sees himself as the centerpiece. it is so interesting that he just can’t see that they don’t have an mj. even when they have kemba, they don’t have an mj. kemba is pippen.

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I’m curious if it influences a want for mature recruits regardless of all other factors. He seems, watching the doc, to have little patience for immaturity. And I say that recognizing the landmine that is Rodman. But Rodman knew and played his role in a way that didn’t conveyed maturity so not sure that’s a conflict.

rodman was extremely immature in some ways but on the court, when it mattered, he was brilliant and happily filled the role mj needed him to do. you can tell that phil’s meta view of basketball definitely rubbed off on mj. the way he speaks of roles, niches etc. i think it definitely explains his love of the marv, boris, mcbob, henderson guy. unfortunately, the hornets have never found the mj and the one year they went for it, the lottery was fixed against them, jk, not really.

I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Last night I was bored and found the 1998 Hornets/Bulls Game 2 ECF Semifinal game where we won in Chicago.

The next 3 games the Bulls just turned it up 2 steps and shut us down. They were so good on defense and it started with Jordan.

But it’s been fascinating seeing Jordan and how driven he is for those that doubt him.

Need to catch up on the last four episodes but have loved this doc, been a nice 90s basketball education. Really loved the Rodman stuff, he’s gotta be near the top of the list of guys I never watched but wish I could’ve.

For all the criticism he got, he was bananas on the court. Think Ben Wallace, but less bullish and more devious.

Started watching it a couple of days ago. One of the takeaways that I never really thought about was Jordan joining a terrible Bulls team of guys that were likely mostly checked out. The hotel room story seems like it was pretty impactful to him, playing out in he treated players later as a veteran.

Really enjoying the series so far. I didn’t think I was paying much attention to a lot of the subplots back then, so didn’t realize or remember some of the turmoil.

For some reason it doesn’t exist on my Netflix account

Anybody with a big brain wiing to go me?

Didn’t know it was available on Netflix. I only knew about the ESPN Sunday night airings.

It’s only on non-USA netflix for now

You can just watch links on ESPN.

I thought I messed something up because I was watching it abroad then came home and it disappears

Thanks for the clarification

This is paying good dividends

Sounds like Horace Grant isn’t feeling the goatumentary

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I would love a documentary like this on the Jail blazers, that team probably has some wild footage and stories