The "we get a choice between Bally and ESPN" game

I cannot remember the last time we’ve had a game that was on both a national broadcast AND locally broadcast concurrently. Might be a function of not being at games this year so if this is common, forgive me lack of awareness.

Let’s go Hornets! Really want this Dub

Would be a really nice win to get, Kemba has been a roll lately

You watching on Bally or ESPN? I am not sure what’s the better bet. Doing ESPN for the first half at least.

Im watching on espn. The commentating has been good so far. Way better than the TNT game. Seems they know way more about us.

I have YouTube tv so it’s just way easier watching espn.

I was surprised by that too. And the Terry interview prior kinda won me over.

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Good gracious, I absolutely LOVE our intensity on both ends of the court so far.

Terry- 5 min, 5 points, 5 assists.

And then Biz came in

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That felt a lot like going down the back straight at Road Atlanta, full out throttle, go for 5th gear and hit the shift gate and watch two cars go by you as you try find the gear and regain momentum.

As long as we’re playing well, this will be my theme today :slight_smile:

Get back one of the two cars that passed. Radioing into pit lane
“Didn’t zing the motor, still making good power. Transmission temps are rising.”
“Everything is ok, just need to make easier shifts. All going to be ok, just save tires and car - it’s gotta last you to the end”


[The ole defense on the Martin dunk]

Driver: “I’m not sure what happened to car #7. Looked like he just drove off of Turn 6. Don’t think he hit anything.”
Pit: “Just drive your race Hornets, head down and drive your race.”

Driver: “Did you guys catch what happened with car #8? Saw smoke out of the right side in T1 going up the hill”
Pit: “You drive, we’ll look into it. Look out for #94, he seems to be running slow and they have blue flags out for him.”

I didn’t think Biz could actually get worse.

Everyone else tho!

Celtics are walking everywhere. Tatum has become such a damn flailer

Top 3 road course in the country

It seemed like there were 4 walks in 6 possessions there and 0 called.

I have really liked Cody Martin vs CLE and today - he’s playing at a very good replacement level. Liked Jalen initially but this might be a better starting 5.

Man, Tae cannot finish at the rim but his finishing outside the 3p line is nice.

Marcus smart hates us

“Feeling a big vibration in turns 6, 7, and 11. Worried we might have a bad bearing - not sure it’s going to hold on until the end guys!”

We needed that for sure

We are the one true 4th seed without injuries