The someday soon Hornets visit the bright future Suns

Also featuring no Cody Martin who is in health and safety protocols

Feels like the same start as last night and in Dallas. Hope we find a gear but I’m not betting on it.

Doesn’t help that we were forced to play through covid and other teams get to benefit from postponement, but yes, our rhythm is non-existent.

That is some miserable shooting so far.

I’m out with some friends tonight just looked at the box score, what is going on?

I just can’t watch. We pass up layups for clanked 3s, then even when we try for layups, we airmail those. Maybe dunks are the only percentage shot we should rely on

Well we’re just BAAAAAD defensively. Us packing the paint in fear of the other team’s big guy just fucks us up since they get too many open threes.

I’m sure we have Kevin Pritchard’s number. Need to make that call

Even 2nd quarter at least. Fingers crossed for second half.

This franchise has never had good 3 pt defense, but this year has got to be the worst it has been. I agree with others, it is time for a move to be made

Down 34 with 3 left in the 3rd and we play in Utah tmrw night. When do you think rookies play? 2 mins left in the 4th?

I don’t know if i’m overreacting but i’m pretty sure if we don’t win another one in this trip, Mitch might be on the phone already to call lol. This is just a disaster of a roadtrip so far.

Also 13 pts from 2 guys you’re gonna pay a combined 54m next year is far from ideal.

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Dude are we seriously, down 30, just allowing them to throw lobs to Javale every time down the floor? Why the hell would anyone be in the game at this point that is playing tmrw night? Borrego is such a weird coach sometimes


This right here is why my interest in basketball is at an all time low. I am going to come clean, I ahvent watched A basketball game in over a month.

That’s a misread of what I was reacting to. I have no problem with a pass out to a good 3 point look and a good 3 point shooter from under the basket. Last night was the same after going 1 for oblivion. There’s a point we need them to realize the situation and change approaches. That’s all.