The Southeast Bowl; Hornets vs Wizards

There is sure alot of hype for this game, all the commercials advertising products for the “big game” today. They must be really excited to see LaMelo.

They keep talking about the old vet and the young upstart. That must be about Russ and LaMelo. Crazy hype around this for sure. Not sure why they think we’re playing in Tampa though. Must have WAS confused with TOR despite this is a home game.

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We need to win this game

@cltblkhscoach I think this is a Hornets Law alert.

Hornet Killer Davis Bertans career high in points (32) and 3 pointers made (8) came against the Hornets. High probability of tying or breaking record this game.

Maybe Russ gets jealous of Bertans going off and starts stealing shots from both Beal and Bertans, helping us squeeze out a win by about 5. Miles due for a bounce back game, Hayward due for a big game too. Don’t know if Melo can keep it up again, but can always count on him to hustle for rebounds/assists/steals.

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This is trap and retrap game. Ish normally plays bad here. Russ normally goes off on us. LaMelo plays well against former mvps. Ashley says we’re 2-0 on superbowl Sundays.

I’m hoping Miles goes off today.

Oooh a Len/Zeller matchup. A draft night showdown.

The refs letting us have a quite physical game so far.

I love Russ complaining on every other trip down the court allowing us to go 5 on 4.

Nice game by Cody so far combined with good threes from Melo; Hayward and Monk.

The Big Handsome on a roll

Please take out Caleb and never play him again

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Amen and Amen

So tired of this

What a quarter, everybody is cooking

We’re about to see how the Martins can blow a 30pt lead

The very rare Hornets cruise to a victory, very nice!

Westbrook looks miserable up there too by the way. I’m shocked they are not in sell mode up there. They are screaming for a rebuild and cleaning of the house.

As for us, great win without Devonte and nice to bounce back after some battles against the titans of the NBA right now.

It’s a miracle that we didn’t end up with Westbrook

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Yes, nice win that allowed us to give our starters some additional rest. Might come in handy on the first game if a back to back.

He’s been loyal up to now but surely it’s the year Beal asks out, he looks completely fed up. As for Westbrook… talk about dodging a bullet.

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once again, it is probably a good thing i don’t work in an nba front office. i could have been talked into westbrook. i thought he had another 2 years. apparently not.