The Swarm gets their man

Finally! :slight_smile:

Not without an adventure but no harm, no foul.

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Took awhile lol

The swarm are more exciting than the Hornets.

It appears Liangelo will never get fair minutes and so far the Swarm team sucks!

Here we go…

As a dad, I get the pride for your kids, but Gelo’s not even setting the G League on fire so not sure I get what he thinks the FO is missing.

While Liangelo hasn’t set the league on fire, when has he had the opportunity to do so? He is averaging 13 mins per game in 4 games, and is shooting 57% from the field and 50% from 3.

Would love to see what he is capable of with more minutes

EDIT: the guy putting up these stats on a team that had their first win last night has DNP-CD next to his name for the last 3 games.

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Finally…worry lavar not be crazy talking no more

Man what happen to this son. Yes may be best stand still catch and shoot Ball shooter, probably even better than troy daniels. If could dribble, pass, rebound, and/or defend, 23 year old g league rookie would have more teams interested than our bro-nepotism coat tail riding.

Lavar seemed to be joking around in that video plus he’s not really relevant anymore so what he says really doesn’t matter.

Oh my bad I didn’t even watch the vid. Still wonder why Liangelo doesn’t get more burn

Hard to set the G League on fire when you don’t ever get to play. Have you paid attention? Did you not see how he did in his first G-League game where he actually got to play a fair amount of minutes? It is not like he is a part of a winning team and he would cause them to lose. I am not a Gelo ball fanatic but come on! There is no reason the kid should not get some playing time.

How do you know that all he can do is stand still, catch and shoot? He has not had the chance to show what he can or can’t do. Anyone looking at his minutes that has watched little to no Swarm games would think Ball fans are overreacting, but based on plenty of minutes in his first game where he played well and just the few in the second game, he has sat on the bench with no playing time.The Swarm as a team are not winning any games so what does it hurt to let Gelo play plenty of minutes for a few games? If he sucks sit him again but at least give him a fair chance beyond one game in which he can try to prove himself. He played well in that first game thus he earned the right to play more minutes than he has played up to this point.

As far as nepotism, Gelo may have gotten the chance to get a spot on the team due to his baby brother but he still had to work hard and show that he was good enough to at least play for the G-League squad. Now that he is on the G-League squad he at least deserves a chance to prove that he can play regardless of his ties to his brothers. It is as if the Swarms head coach has the same problem with Gelo that you do. Keeping him on the bench because of that is wrong, Gelo should at least get a chance to play his way into the teams rotation or off the team. If he does not have the goods, either cut him or go ahead and bench him but only make that decision after he gets a fair chance to play.

Totally agree. Play the guy for goodness sake. Even if he sucked, PLAY HIM. Last thing you want is the Bulls becoming a destination for Lamelo, which I have already seen reports that Lavar wants them to get Lamelo and Liangelo, that is Lavars true dream.

Shooting above 50% from 3 on a 1-6 team should not warrant DNP-CDs, whether the guy is a brother of our star or not