We need a Win vs Toronto

And a great 3 point shot by Ball there. We don’t we move the ball?

Eh. Looking like 5 straight Ls. Something’s off with them Hornets you can just sense it. Not shooting well also doesn’t help as well

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Where’s the JB apologists?

I don’t have anything positive to say. Let me know when they finally axe coach JB.

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Anyone here watch much soccer? Specifically Liverpool, specifically Jurgen Klopp?

Am I a JB apologist?

Coaches that get their team to fight back from 23 down while being down 3 rotation players and two guys in a shooting slump have clearly lost the locker room. Interesting, i didn’t know that was the definition.

I have no idea man

The problem from the big picture point of view is they (meaning front office) have said publicly they don’t know who they are because of the injuries and not having everyone healthy and together.

At this point you kind of have to decide what you want to be. The franchise has raised ticket prices which in turn is going to raise expectations. When you do that, patience goes out the window.

I kind of feel like we overvalue our guys a bit. I know you don’t want to make a deal just to make a deal but with the team scuffling you kind of feel like given everything else the organization is signaling they need to do something. Just my opinion.


Damn, JB missed another 3. That guy sucks.

That TO we caused and 3pt play, clearly the locker room revolting against JBs missing all those 3s.

Whatever you want to tell yourself man. If that little moral victory makes JB feel like a keeper to you, then good on you mate.

At what point will you start to assign some accountability on JB? What else needs to happen?

The JB apologist stuff has gotten outrageous.

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Damn, JB didn’t close out for shit there. And then he turned it over. Right in front of himself oddly. Crazy he’s all over the place

This is the real hornets team ain’t it? 9-10 seed at best. Oof.

How dare you question JB, shame on you.

If I am being honest, I don’t care if Hornets win a game or not. Of course I prefer if they do but what I care the most was to have the fun team back. That is the night and day difference in the past few games. Guys are not having fun, and my only explanation is JB. What are the other options, let me hear it. I can be wrong.

Serious question, so you’ll have to dial back your scintillating, hyperbolic sarcasm just a tad.

What else needs to happen for you to take a critical look at JB and wonder about what role he has in all of this? I’m not saying you need to assume the “fire JB” stance, but there’s no part of you that has at least some coaching concerns?

Are you his brother or blood relative or something? I’m just at a loss at why you’re such an adamant defender.

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The stuff that goes on here bears no resemblance to questioning JB. Anyone can question anyone in this organization. The hilarity of ALL of the team’s terribleness over the period that began with a ton of injuries landing entirely on the coach, and only on the coach when there are so many examples of team mistakes is…odd.

I don’t think it’s all coach JB, because it’s true that we’ve had a series of players missing.

…But we’ve pretty always had players in and out of the lineup ALL season long. And on top of that…we played a more difficult schedule leading up to this point! Our schedule now is easier competition than earlier in the year.


Oh dude cmon.

We’ve had players in and out of the lineup all year.

Your posts indicate that it’s so unreasonable of others to imply that coach JB may have some accountability for his team

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Same shit every game. Year after year. I feel like I’m watching Groundhog Day.

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I agree that there are many reasons. Many of the players are not playing to their fullest, and most importantly not having fun. We are looking for the reason behind it all, not at the reason behind losing.

If many of your players stop performing all at once, it points at a particular direction, which is the coach imo.

Our team just isn’t prepared to play a whole game. That’s on the coach in my opinion. I don’t hate the guy but he’s so damn stubborn… refuses to change anything. It’s not working.