Welcome Brad Wanamaker

Looked like, from discussion on a GSW board, the belief is we were comped for the trade at $1.5m. Since it’s a top 54 protection, it’s obviously not an asset. But a deep reserve with synergy with 40% of our starting line up and we got paid to do it, that’s not bad.

I thought Wannamaker had some good minutes last year for the Celtics, not sure what happened in GSW

Here’s a Happy 20 character welcome Bradley.


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I remember him putting in some solid minutes in the Miami series and I thought at the time he would make a nice offseason addition to back up Devonte. Of course all that changed with the draft. And yet here we are

bad production in GS, hope pacers game start show a bad fit or west coast thing, will be get plenty of minutes

3rd year nba, but a lot of pro basketball overseas in france and others, and now team old man at 31.
Did not improve center & wing need
But Coach got backcout depth & experience