We're good now? vs the Heat

The tank is imploding

Marky Williams is a walking rebound. Strong game on the glass for him.


Thinking of good names for mark Williams….

How about “marky mark and the dunky bunch”

Beating Miami is always good for the soul


I’m not saying it’s good, but I did legit LOL.

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Yeah, I think it’s good to have some wins like that to help establish an energy and vision for the future.

Seeing Williams and Ball leave the arena with their arms around each other was a great scene too. Hoping to see a lot more of that.

Man, Williams is a beast. Already my all time favorite C for us.

These have been two really fun games to watch in a row now too. I deserve this as a fan. I don’t care if it’s donuts while on a diet.


QC I am going to need another couch appointment this week

Also, at least I was right on williams

Mark is a beast… he is a Blue Devil… whaaaat abooouuut…. Mark of the BEAST!
(No other phrase with the name Mark comes close to sounding tough or intimidating)

This is true. Even though I called the 4 game winning streak, I was thinking we didn’t need to win that much. But then hearing the Heat fans cheering, my inner Vader took over and I needed to crush their windpipes.

I’m gonna have to work overtime to come up with something good, it’s gonna cost extra.

Other observations: DSJ collected a soul tonight. I don’t know if Max is of this earth any more.

Great to see Zeller is alive! Even if the follicles aren’t. But Cody, don’t half ass it, gotta go full Bruce Willis and take it all off.

Speaking of hair, the more Gordon’s hair returns to a modern style of look, the better he plays. Still don’t know wtf he was doing at the beginning of the year, unless he lost a bet. So tank commanders, you’re gonna have to sneak in his house and shave half his head to knock him back.

The end of the broadcast showed Mark and Melo with their arms around each other. Like I wanna win the lottery more than anything, but with Hornets Law still reigning supreme, I’m at least so hyped seeing a glimpse of dual stardom for the future for these guys. Maybe adding a shooter like Brandon Miller will really help complete this team.

18 and 20 against Bam and Love? He was actually snatching boards away from them and dunking on their heads. Any question of whether he’s strong enough to hang with the big boys is now completely gone. MOTB is gonna be a BIG problem in this league here if he starts to gather even a tiny semblance more strength, and shooting, and respect from the refs…


I just stopped liking you

In Mitch we trust LOL! I mean, Williams is a HUGE game changer.

I am surprised at just how well he is on the perimeter. What a tough guy to shoot over!

When a guy like Miles Bridges dunks, you see it coming and it doesn’t disappoint. But DSJ dunks are sudden and shocking. So intense. We better re-sign him next year or I’m gonna be upset.

I don’t think LaMelo will be missing many more all-star games.

Mark, my goodness, good game bro.

That was actually a mature and confident win for the Hornets. How strange.


Monster Mark is the name i like. The dude is a Monster. With 4 wins in a row .It looks as if the Pistons will make five . We might be playing to good to continue the tank.

Agreed. His athleticism is exciting for sure, but he just does so many things that contribute to winning. The defense, the clutch shot making. Plays with toughness and high IQ. He’s Marcus Smart lite. Would definitely be a great guy to keep around.

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LaMelo looks like he added a few pounds over the all-star break.

Seriously, all of a sudden he looks like an adult out there instead of a kid.


It is fun to watch them now. Playing young guys and getting good traction with them. I can root for these guys to win since we are now pretty much set in the standings. Hopefully Monday is a 5 game win streak.

We all knew Plumlee was holding this team back but wow! They are a different group out there.

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We all knew, but clearly, Mitch and Cliff didn’t. I wish we would’ve seen more of Mark earlier in the season.

Let’s not discount injuries. We have pretty much all of our contributors now except Cody. For the fast half of the season it was a revolving door.

We’re definitely better with a Mark Williams with half a professional season behind him and mostly healthy players.

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Yes, 3rd year strength & stamina jump noticeable. Not getting pushed around or getting as winded.
Was at career high 34 minutes. Now at 38 minutes/game and look like not just All star scoring & triple double machine, all NBA level. Ok cool my jets on this…for now.

But Not all rookies on same timeline. Mark looked like previous rookies. Got pro legs in season & look forward to seeing 2nd year work.

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Outside of the explosiveness of the DSJ dunk, the quick change from the left to right hand to finish midair was SICK. That’s so sick how he does that while rising up.

Lastly, that may be one of the lamest technical foul calls I have ever ever ever seen.