Would be an awesome win vs Venison

Let’s get a win boys

I’ll be in the box tonight

I’m so sick of the Hornets doing this at the end of games. Same thing every year.

Also… i hate the refs. What’s the deal.

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I didn’t even realize we were playing today, I’m a fake fan. I’ll take the win though.

The level of officiating really is sickening. Also - we suck at FTs this season.


Good win, but man JB killing me not playing Oubre more in the fourth, also slowing the game and playing not-to-lose way too early.

And Hayward man, wtf?

Giannis free-mauling Plumlee for a rebound in the 4th about summed up the officiating…

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That was really nuts. Nuts they didn’t call anything in real time, more nuts they refused to review it.

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Maybe one of these days we’ll have a guy who can get calls like that. Giannis was allowed to lower his shoulder and pummel guys all night long.


RE: Playing not to lose.

I know that’s an issue for any team, but I do believe it’s a serious issue for us. We’re so much better running than slow half court. I’d rather see us live by the sword and die by the sword than lose games bumbling through a style we don’t normally play.

That being said, we’re going to have to learn to play slow at times to be successful in the playoffs.

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I agree with you about playing our way regardless but this part (quote) makes the case we need practice at a playoff approach that we can live by when those games arrive.

I think the epitome of die by the run was giving up that lead to BOS here. Correct me if that wasn’t the case.

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I didn’t watch, so I can’t say. Just commenting in general.

Maybe a bad analogy but seems like a pitcher that comes into the bigs with a serious fastball and no other pitch. He needs to learn to throw off-speed stuff because that one speed won’t work ubiquitously yet he will still lead with the heat ordinarily.


Good analogy

I agree

Agree with all on Borrego putting on the NBA equivalent of the “prevent defense” ANYTIME we have a sizeable lead. This isn’t just an end of game thing. We get WAY too comfortable with a lead from both a lineup and intensity/pace perspective.

Great win last night.

Man the refs last night were terrible. Greek Freak was good but man anytime you got close to him the foul was already called.

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I have to agree, last nights officiating was bad. Just another example was Middletons arm / elbow check against Roziers throat in the first half. I’m still quite surprised it wasn’t reviewed…

Two calls that I was really stunned didn’t get reviewed was the elbow to Terry’s head (which I thought was pretty blatant albeit not intentional) and my word, how they didn’t use the blood-clotting clean up time to review why Mason was a Red Cross donor is beyond me. I felt with that one alone, that officiating crew should have been reprimanded. That was easily a Flagrant 1 by interpretation if not definition.

Here’s an excerpt from a 2017 ESPN article that illustrates the interpretation that I think we all have come to expect… and have seen executed several times this year already wrt intent vs. result:

Q: What do officials look for in making the call?

A: If a player gets hit in the head or neck, it will probably be a flagrant 1 at the very least, even if it isn’t a hard hit. Especially if the blow comes from an elbow, a kick or a fist. The refs want to help prevent concussions and may err on the side of being overprotective. Announcers, especially former players, may lament how “soft” the league allegedly is now when this happens. But the referees have their reasons, even if it’s just to help keep control of a game.

from 2017 NBA Finals – Understanding the gray areas between flagrant-1 and flagrant-2 fouls (espn.com)


Top offense falls apart half court, we need practice and get better as you said

Not aesthetic and nail biting short term, but with little full scrimmage in season, right choice to work on in game as much as possible for long term.

Warts, schedule and all, 21-19, 11-11 in clutch this year. JB & players get better half court offense, team going to be a really tough out in playoffs.

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