2020-2021 Season (Other)

This sucks for Wiseman. I don’t know how I missed this headline until I saw he was allowed to attend practice today (assuming only as an observer).

I love the energy Kyrie is giving to the media

Watching CHI vs HOU and I am alarmed with how bad CHI’s defense is.

I’m not going to lie, I’m still looking forward to watching Killian Hayes and Okongwu this season. I think Detroit got the right guy in Hayes for them. Same with Okongwu in Atlanta.

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That’s good for the league.


As well as for small market teams generally


Interesting to think of the Giannis’ signing in the context of our signing Hayward. I had not thought this immediately but listening to Nate Duncan talking about the signing in general, Hayward’s price after taking Giannis off the market would have undoubtedly been higher if he hit the market after this signing or next year.

I pulled up a cache of top 2021 FAs (from pre FA this year) and Hayward is in that top 10. Take Giannis, LeBron, Kawhi, and George off the market, Gordon would not have come cheap. Can you imagine between MIA, TOR, DAL, and the teams with FA war chests; how much they will be willing to spend to take Jrue out of MIL or if Oladipo balls out, fighting for his services?

History won’t write it this way but we might have gotten Hayward in the only possible scenario we could have. He hits FA next year, no matter what we have to spend, I doubt we’re in contention to land him.

Sad about MKG. Hope he finds a place where he can contribute.

And like that gobert has become an albatross

That’s certainly something

Interesting pod recently that stated that every super max contract is an albatross. They are the day they are signed.

So… here we are with the twins and both Frank and MKG have been released.

I think that unless you’re paying a top 10 player in the league you shouldn’t pay the supermax

Right, the premise for the supermax was for a top 5 league player but it’s become the contract allowance each team’s #1 player.

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It’s similar to when the NBA had 7 year contracts, they were supposed to be for the best players in the league but instead teams would just throw them at any player they were scared to lose

The warriors should quietly look for a god father offer for Steph. And then move draymond and go full on rebuild