2020 Draft - 3rd Pick

Thought it might make sense to create a thread outside of the “lottery” thread to discuss whom folks want at the #3 pick overall.


For my entry here, I have gone from really warming to Killian toward magnesium hot. I will still be happy with Edwards, will like Ball and not be disappointed but my heart is all about Hayes at this point.

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My list

  1. Wiseman
  2. Edwards
  3. Ball
  4. Okongwu
  5. Hayes

Only player I’m very out on his Toppin

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Could Killian play along side Devonte or is pg projected to be his primary position ?

Could Killian play along side Devonte or is pg projected to be his primary position ?

Oh easily can play alongside Tae, yes. That’s why I am so high on him.

What’s the one pick that you might could see happening that would just totally make you lose your mind? For me it’s Toppin.

I’ll be excited for any of Ball, Edwards, Hayes, Okongwu, Avdija, Wiseman, or Haliburton (in that order.)


Agree 100%. I’d hate to see us draft Toppin at 3.

Edwards & Ball are tier one, meaning you simply have to select either and take that chance.

From there I’m thinking Okongwu & Vassell for tier two because I’m confident both will be good players, fit our roster really well and have the potential to be really good.

My tier three is Advija, Hayes, Wiseman & Okoro because I can see each having the potential to at least match, if not exceed, the potential of my tier two but I don’t have the confidence (through lack of knowledge in some cases) that they will do so.

I don’t think Toppin will be a bad player but drafting him is effectively drafting another Miles or PJ. We have enough tweener forwards


Oh I don’t fear Obi because he’s duplicating the position (Miles, PJ). We’re clearly not good enough yet to care about that. He worries me because by all accounts he is so terminally lost defensively, and he’s 4 years out of HS, that he’d just be a bad fit for a top half of the lottery.

DeanonDraft who I love reading every year just had an absolutely brutal critique of him. Dean says this lottery is historically weak anyways, but even factoring in that he makes it sound like Obi is not a lottery talent even in this draft.

Listening to The Ringer NBA Show (Aug 21) and it made me think there’s a question we should want to be able to answer. Who of the guys we can draft at #3 will land here and handle the pressure of being perceived as the savior of the franchise or that our collective fanbase won’t hang that on him?

I don’t think the latter is realistic. The former is interesting and likely plays into concerns we should have about anyone that has a lot to overcome or develop.

Considering the fact that Charlotte’s last 5 Top5 picks are MKG, Cody Zeller, Adam Morrison, Ray Felton and Emeka Okafor

I think we can assume that this future pick won’t be perceived as the savior of the franchise by the fanbase, no pressure for the young man :rofl:


I’m starting to slowly come around on Wiseman, even though he’s still not my favorite (not enough footage to really properly evaluate him). Hayes is rising on my list of preferred players and Okongwu dropping just slightly after seeing how his touch isn’t quite as good as I thought.

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I feel like most people who will pay attention will understand that this draft doesn’t have a clear blue chip talent. Hopefully people keep reasonable expectations and allow for development.

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Yeah the 2 things are that One: we haven’t managed to draft a savior type anytime we’ve been up in the top of the draft so far and Two: this draft is apparently not considered great. So not sure the pressure would be what it may have been any other time.

Wolves are apparently shopping the pick hard, hopefully a Lamelo Ball team comes in so we can get either Wiseman or Edwards

I know it’s been mentioned but I have a feeling this draft will definitely be a bit off the wall based on everything that’s occurred over the last year or so. Maybe more info will come out but seems like it’ll be anything goes at this point.

Certainly could be all over the place. Reminds me of 2013 when the Cavs first picked Anthony Bennett. That might have been the first draft in my life where I was completely surprised by the No. 1 pick. (Again, I’m not a college guy though.)

I’m falling in love with too many players, I need help

Just remember: most of the players you fell in love with in years past turned out to be nobodies too.

It’s all shiny and new right now.

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