2022 Draft Night Thread

Souds like we traded 45 to MIN - and of-course, they pick Minott :wink:

Oh well hell. There you go lol

FFS Hornets, what the fork are we doing? https://twitter.com/rodboone/status/1540179192234508290?s=20&t=A3oybxikyYKcZaxpCRmZfQ

Yeah…. I just don’t get it. Seems we are just trading just to trade. Hating the value here,

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From the outside, this looks like Mitch saying “you going to override my coaching hires, have fun with this shitshow”… :not really:

Knicks are always in win now mode, maybe they are betting on that?

Why did Mitch Cho trade the NY 2nd? Like we coulda probably gotten Bryce at 45 anyway?

Or… drafted Minott FFS

It seems like we traded a early first rounder for a late first rounder.

Then an early second round and mid second round pick for one mid second round pick. Yay…

Can we please, please end the In Mitch We Trust stuff now?

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My head hurts from thinking about how either of these trades help us.

I Bryce looks really fluid and springy. Good size. I could see him being a player as well as anyone in this range.

The one benefit of the doubt, Mitch has been able to find actual NBA contributors in the 2nd round.

We had him in for a workout on June 17th

Glad we were able to trade back in the draft so we could get him. Excellent value there for the 13th pick

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From the get, Mitch has made some good selections - no doubt. But he’s managed rosters and cap in many ways worse than Cho. Reminder, we flat out lost Kemba for dust - the Terry thing was a face-saving stab. It worked out luckily. Miles panning out over Shai is working out luckily (and who knows w/ DET looming). Letting Malik walk for nothing. NOP 15th pick worked out luckily. There’s a trend here. And if we look at some shit, like Mason, Kelly, mid-season lame trades, Ish; a lot of that didn’t get the benefit of good luck.

These 2nd round picks are important building the team in future trades!

Man… I’d rather have Shai to be honest, but definitely not a bad trade.


I meannnn… i have some optimistic thoughts about tonight but I’m digging deep. Reallll deep and I don’t think anyone is in the mood to buy it right now. Hard not to be at least a little disappointed right now. I’ll say he has an eye for talent still and I haven’t seen that proven wrong yet. Everyone hates Bouk but I still say we haven’t seen him and what we have seen looked promising to me and now we’re gonna see… I think.